Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Anti-Death (Life Spells) Treasure Cards from plants for Death Deckathalon

Hello everyone,

I just found out that Death Deckathalon will be ready by tomorrow (June 12).  Sadly, not enough to get treasure cards from plants that drop.  But I will focus on other schools and post much as I can in the near future.  I will keep post for this Death Deckathalon whoever want to do this.  All I know that Death Deckathalon may be last until Monday, June 17th at 8am Central Time.  So use your wise time to focus on event or play wizard101 game.   I am planning to focus on event but I heard that other event will be happening this weekend as well.

Here are the plants drop those Life spell treasure cards: Name of spells (TC) (Pips).

Sadly, some of those treasure Cards are not drop from any plants as you see are Imp, Brown Spider, Leprechaun, Green Widow, Life Banshee, and Sand Stalker.  If I miss any, please comment below of this post.  Thank you.

* is the seed drop. I have to warn you that few seeds that are not drop the seed at elder very often.  The reasons why I like to have seeds keep drop the seeds that I don't have to worry to buy more seeds that are not drop seeds.

Angel Oak*: Seraph (4)

Bamboo Shoots: Nature's Wrath (3)

Deadly Helephant Ears*: Unicorn (3)

Face Palm:  Pixie (2), Satyr (4), Sprite (1),  Unicorn (3)

Fickle Pickle*: Nature's Wrath (3), Life Trap (0), Lifeblade (0), Dryad (X), Pixie (2)

Fortune Cookie Tree: Nature's Wrath (3), Seraph (4), Spirit Armor (3), Dryad (X),
                                      Regenerate (5), Sprite (1), Unicorn (3)

Honey Sickle: Lifeblade (0)

Jewel Circle Blossom*: Lifeblade (0), Lifespear (0), Sanctuary (3)

Jewel Square Blossom*: Lifeblade (0), Lifespear (0), Sanctuary (3)

Jewel Tear Blossom*: Lifeblade (0), Lifespear (0), Sanctuary (3)

Jewel Triangle Blossom*: Lifeblade (0), Lifespear (0), Sanctuary (3)

Missile Toe*: Gnomes! (9)

Pink Laugh-O-Dil*: Legend Shield (0), Spirit Armor (3)

Point Setta*: Lifespear (0)

Purple Grapes of Wrath*: Nature's Wrath (3)

Queen Crape Myrtle: Forest Lord (8), Nature's Wrath (3),  Rebirth (7)

Saw Palmetto: Life Trap (0)

Sour Fickle Pickle*: Forest Lord (8)

Sunion*: Regenerate (5)

Sword Fern*: Goat Monk (5), Luminous Weaver (4), Lifeblade (0)

Ultra Boom Shroom*:  Sanctuary (3)

Ultra Helephant Ears*: Lifeblade (0), Lifespear (0)

Ultra King Parsley*: Life Trap (0)

Ultra Ninja Fig*: Jade Oni (Minion 5)

Ultra Trumpet Vine*: Blade Golem (4), Clockwork (2), Giant Spider (4), and Potboiler (Life) (4)

Venus Fly Trap*: Life Trap (0), Dryad (X), Fairy (2), Sprite (1), Unicorn (3)

White Desparagus: Sprite Guardian (4)

White Laugh-O-Dil*: Spirit Armor (3), Regenerate (5)

That's all I know for life spell treasure cards dropped from those plants.  So I wish you good luck with Death Deckathalon Challenge.

I will post the info about recipes for Death Hand of Fate and what I will put the treasure cards for this event soon.  Hopeful it can be helpful for everyone.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!


Friday, June 7, 2019

Death Deckathalon is Coming Soon!

Hello everyone,

I just logged in and the wizard101 showed the events and sales.  I just saw the "Death Deckathalon is Coming Soon!"   I was like "wait a minutes, we just done with Ice Deckathalon in few weeks ago, now we will have other school deckathalon soon as Death, Life, Fire, Storm, Myth, and Balance." 
I believe that we need to gather lot of treasure cards for school deckathalon.  Right now, you want to focus on Life spell treasure cards that are really weak for Death minions and bosses.   How can we do gather the treasure cards for free?

Well, I can give you some tips for free to gather instead of spend on crowns or gold.

1. Gardening can drop the treasure cards. * Well, garden seeds cost gold or crowns...

2. Farming:  You can fight boss or minions to drop it and more free gold.

3. Crafting:  You can make your own school treasure cards.  Sadly, if you want to do Life spells TC, you have to use your life wizard to make those life spell treasure cards.  * Well, if you need those reagents, you can find anywhere in any world or you can buy with gold in Bazaar.

4. Trading:  You can ask anyone who have any school treasure cards to trading.

Psssttt......I will give you more tips in near future about gardening that drop Life treasure cards and also the crafting.

Back to the point, if you don't care about those as free, then use your gold to buy some treasure cards in Library (any worlds) or bazaar (it is not best opinion to buy treasure cards in bazaar as you hope for if you waiting until death deckathalon will be ready.  Unless you can grab it now and save for Death Deckathalon in near future.)

I beat the Ice Deckathalon, it was not easy to beat them.  But I made the ice deck that give one white pip.  I am interesting to gather reagents as rune and stone.  So I am prepare for next school deckathalon.

Next time I will post the gardening that drop life spell treasure cards will be very helpful if you love to do gardening.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!


Friday, May 31, 2019

Hello, I am BACK to Wizard101! And also Discord!

Hello everyone,

I am back since I posted last time was 2016 (I has a few reasons to keep busy as mom and worker).  I just started on my life wizard (Level 100) last week and I missed to play the game called Wizard101 so much.   I lost my job in end of January 2019.  In few weeks ago, I watched the Chinese TV show called Love 020.  That show is about a college girl who love computer and really smart.  She love play game called "A Chinese Story."  I watched it and it made me thinking about Wizard101 so much.  I told my husband about the game I was so much mood to play.  So we tried to figure the laptops/computer that we has.  But some of those were not great as new laptop.  He and I looked for good shape and used laptop.  We found a good used laptop and bought it.  Now we have three laptops so far.  We need one more but we have to wait because of few reasons.

I can't wait to play Wizard101 with my family members.  It is 4 of us.  So it is perfect for 4 players in one team do same quests.  We have lower level wizards right now.  We barely finished in Triton City.  We will focus on either Firecat Alley or Cyclop Alley.

For my life wizard and my husband's fire wizard, we still working in Polaris.

I am still learning about Discord.  They do have wizard101 community which are very helpful for all players.  You can join if you want to.   You can ask for help as farming, dungeon or quests.  Very helpful.  I am looking for more community like in Discord right now.  Any suggestions?  Please comment!

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I am back, sort of......

Hello everyone,

I miss you all, my people, friends and fans.

I am back but sort of.....the reasons are I been busy since the internet been limit to access the games which is not fun....but now we have better internet in our new house right now. Busy with two kids and their school.  They loved their new school better than public elementary school.  Busy with two part time jobs: American Sign Language (ASL) teacher and also Deaf Mentor.

What is Deaf Mentor?  Well, I am Deaf and also I am mentor to hearing parents of Deaf child who are not know of Deaf Culture and more....I come to their place once a week and teach them the lessons of ASL and Deaf Culture.

Well, new house, not really new but it is 1987 house.  It is so beautiful and nice to live in.  We have so beautiful backyard.   I wish I can add the picture to share but not this laptop...... Oh well......

We are fine, I sometimes feel fine or so tired.  Right now this week and next week, kind of busy to focus home to clean/organize before my kids will be done with school.

I want to say I miss you all so much... I been thinking of Wizard101 sometimes when I feel like I wanted to play but lot to do at our new house, kids' school and my two part time jobs.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Way of the Crafter Q14

Hello again,

This is test realm, be aware of this quest may be change or not.....  So just be prepare to add reagents and other stuff to be ready to make when it come to live game. The prices are not ready since test and live game are off right now...... still waiting......

When you complete the quest 13:  Making the Grade from Azteca, Three Points, Oztomeca, she will ask you to go see Stendill Hammertail at Silent Market, Khrysalis.

So here is the quest name and recipe:
Quest 14: Way of the Crafter

Quest Requirement: Craft 1 Ornate Burrower Chair
Khrysalis, Silent Market, Stendill Hammertail

Ornate Burrower Chair
Recipe cost: 45000
Cool Down Timer: 036:40:00
Crafting Station Required: Housing Crafting Station

Gold Cost
Ornate Burrower Chair Recipe
Deep Mushroom

Perfect Jade

Comet Tail



Golden Pearl


Final Total:

The reward will be give: 150 Gold, 23245 XP and Promethean Crafter Badge.

Oh, by the way, there are three new reagents so far as we know but keep eyes on it, still not finish part 2 yet.....  here they are:

                                                         Astral Shard, Comet Tail and Stardust.

I hope it will help you to be prepare for future.....

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!