Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Anti-Death (Life Spells) Treasure Cards from plants for Death Deckathalon

Hello everyone,

I just found out that Death Deckathalon will be ready by tomorrow (June 12).  Sadly, not enough to get treasure cards from plants that drop.  But I will focus on other schools and post much as I can in the near future.  I will keep post for this Death Deckathalon whoever want to do this.  All I know that Death Deckathalon may be last until Monday, June 17th at 8am Central Time.  So use your wise time to focus on event or play wizard101 game.   I am planning to focus on event but I heard that other event will be happening this weekend as well.

Here are the plants drop those Life spell treasure cards: Name of spells (TC) (Pips).

Sadly, some of those treasure Cards are not drop from any plants as you see are Imp, Brown Spider, Leprechaun, Green Widow, Life Banshee, and Sand Stalker.  If I miss any, please comment below of this post.  Thank you.

* is the seed drop. I have to warn you that few seeds that are not drop the seed at elder very often.  The reasons why I like to have seeds keep drop the seeds that I don't have to worry to buy more seeds that are not drop seeds.

Angel Oak*: Seraph (4)

Bamboo Shoots: Nature's Wrath (3)

Deadly Helephant Ears*: Unicorn (3)

Face Palm:  Pixie (2), Satyr (4), Sprite (1),  Unicorn (3)

Fickle Pickle*: Nature's Wrath (3), Life Trap (0), Lifeblade (0), Dryad (X), Pixie (2)

Fortune Cookie Tree: Nature's Wrath (3), Seraph (4), Spirit Armor (3), Dryad (X),
                                      Regenerate (5), Sprite (1), Unicorn (3)

Honey Sickle: Lifeblade (0)

Jewel Circle Blossom*: Lifeblade (0), Lifespear (0), Sanctuary (3)

Jewel Square Blossom*: Lifeblade (0), Lifespear (0), Sanctuary (3)

Jewel Tear Blossom*: Lifeblade (0), Lifespear (0), Sanctuary (3)

Jewel Triangle Blossom*: Lifeblade (0), Lifespear (0), Sanctuary (3)

Missile Toe*: Gnomes! (9)

Pink Laugh-O-Dil*: Legend Shield (0), Spirit Armor (3)

Point Setta*: Lifespear (0)

Purple Grapes of Wrath*: Nature's Wrath (3)

Queen Crape Myrtle: Forest Lord (8), Nature's Wrath (3),  Rebirth (7)

Saw Palmetto: Life Trap (0)

Sour Fickle Pickle*: Forest Lord (8)

Sunion*: Regenerate (5)

Sword Fern*: Goat Monk (5), Luminous Weaver (4), Lifeblade (0)

Ultra Boom Shroom*:  Sanctuary (3)

Ultra Helephant Ears*: Lifeblade (0), Lifespear (0)

Ultra King Parsley*: Life Trap (0)

Ultra Ninja Fig*: Jade Oni (Minion 5)

Ultra Trumpet Vine*: Blade Golem (4), Clockwork (2), Giant Spider (4), and Potboiler (Life) (4)

Venus Fly Trap*: Life Trap (0), Dryad (X), Fairy (2), Sprite (1), Unicorn (3)

White Desparagus: Sprite Guardian (4)

White Laugh-O-Dil*: Spirit Armor (3), Regenerate (5)

That's all I know for life spell treasure cards dropped from those plants.  So I wish you good luck with Death Deckathalon Challenge.

I will post the info about recipes for Death Hand of Fate and what I will put the treasure cards for this event soon.  Hopeful it can be helpful for everyone.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!


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