Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Splendid Attire and Energy

Hello again,

When I knew something coming up with Wizard101 like new gears.  Lot of people were so exciting about it.  But found out about gears their stats are not great.  So last night I talked to Kelsey about stuff, gardening, pets and more stuff in wizard101, she told me that " Splendid Attire."  I was like what is that?  But I know they have new gears.  So I checked it out, ooh...... she told me that it is better gears for gardening and pets training.  I was like I thought that Wyvern Gears has better energy, but I am wrong at all of the times.  I been overlooking of that new gears.  Let me show you compare the gears I have Wyvern Gears and show Splendid Attire stats.

 Wyvern's Hoard Pack
Cost: 399 Crowns each pack


Pssssttttt....... the energy are total: 42 energy from that gears only.  But you have to keep buy packs until you have all gears.  Can't promise that.

 Splendid Attire
Cost: 12500 Crowns


Psssstttt, do you like star and moon gears?  Anyway, back to the energy are total: 45 energy only for those crowns gears.

But Kelsey suggested to use Wyvern robe only to stitch to that robe.  So you have energy total is 48.  But remember, Splendid Attire is level 70 only.  So I has my life wiz with wyvern gears with energy full as 119.  But I tried those new gears, I added 10 more energy which is 129.  Wow...... that more than I thought.  More than you think that enough for gardening only.  But nope, you can have more gardening with two or three patches or just one gardening and the energy left that you can training pet(s).

If I was you, but of course, you need crowns to buy those gears but I wonder if they do have gears as drop. If they do, that will be awesome.  Very sad, my second accounts has lot of hats and boots but no wyvern robe with energy.  That's all I need for my second account.

But anyway back to energy gears.

I hope it will help you to think about to have it to be worth to keep it or not.  For me, I like to have star and moon gears and more energy.  Of course, the stats are not great but it is worth to have those gears as look and energy for gardening and pets training.

Think about it.  

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

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