Thursday, June 2, 2011

Deafness and Me

Hello again,

I would like to share "Deafness" with you.  First of all, this is not wizard101 or Kingsisle at all.  But I would like to let everyone aware of. I am admit that I am deaf.  I want to see everyone to check the links that I found and want to share:

The reasons I wanted to share this that with you which will have little personal information to share.  So please respect this.  Thank you.

I don't like when people say oh I am so sorry you deaf or You can't hear or whatever. But really, I am fine, I just human being like you.  Just, I can't hear at all.

I born that way. Everyone are different.  Some got it from sickness, some got nerve or brain damage caught that, or born that way.  I have three brothers and one sister, three out of five children are deaf.  They born that way. Long story about my family history.  My parents are hearing. None of my ancestry have deaf generation in our bloodline.  So our family are first to start with. That is so mystery to us. I can do read lips little that much. LOL  But I love to use my primary language is American Sign Language (ASL). I am mother of two hearing kids, when they cry or scream (which i can hear little when kids scream near my ear.) or need talk (they have to use ASL) to me.  I have special tech things that I have to depends on.  I am glad I am deaf no matter what.  I am proud as who I am.

I love to play wizard101.  But I noticed that game have lot of sounds and noises.   I am impressed of Kingsisle did lot of time, works and make it amazing. (Whisper: I would love to have the website or anything that someone who can set the sounds for example: humongofrog = ???????? describe the noise/sounds.  I know that will be lot, lot, lot of time and works.  But it will be helpful if someone willing do this.  :)  )  And Ravenwood Radio team, they did talk about relate to Wizard101.  I am wave my hands in air which is mean for applause to them that they worked hard.  I feel like I am left out.  But I am glad that Kevin Battleblood asked for volunteers to help transcripts for deaf people who play wizard101.  I am glad for him to willing of his time do that for us.  I am grateful for few who willing to describe the sounds mean.  I am thanks to Kevin Battleblood for his time, my twitter family who willing to tell me what vlog talk about, and describe the sounds, and my pvp team who very patient to use group chat that way we can chat in pvp.  :)

Deaf Motto: "We can do everything BUT hear!"

If you have any concerns or questions relate to deaf, ask me away.  I am very nice person to answer questions  :)

Oh, by the way, if you are interesting to learn American Sign Language, please let me know.  I am happy to help you and teach.  I am very patient person as well.  :)

Good luck with spirals!

\|m/ Diana Wildheart


  1. Aww :) This is a very touching post :)I am also glad that a lot of people have been helping in and making written transcripts for all of the people out there that are deaf.

    Also, as you have seen on Twitter, I have been wanting to learn different languages (Japanese, French, etc) and now that I know that there can be a lot of people out there that can't hear, can you please teach me how to use Sign Language :) I have been thinking about it for a while, since I am learning so many different things, why not one that is something that you just need to learn signs, and not all of the hard work of memorizing letters and things. I think that it will really help me a lot in the future for anyone that I meet that has anything like that. (I have a friend who can not walk, but she is extremely nice and I ALWAYS hang out with her when I can since she has different classes and also many other people hat have trouble making friends just because of simple problems)

    I also think that it is great that here in our community, we can all interact with just typing words and not having to say anything. I think that it really helps people like you who can't exactly hear anything that is really going on, but can read and understand we are all the same. :)

    I found this a really touching post and I hope that it all works out for you later in life :)

    -Mary Dreamshade

  2. I said this already, but that made me really teary, and I am not a softy(if I may say so myself). Its like Obama, MLK Jr., JFK, Ghandi,amd Confucious all combined. X sniff X. I am now going to read every post. I think you should share your post with others, because It will help people understand. It makes you realize every one has problems, and in a way you are lucky you have come to par with them. I know I haven't, but I realize that my problems are minuscule compared to children starving and violence. I love love love your post. Your also a good writer(,or blogger). Who knows you might wind up famous for this post.( if you do mention me lol jk) -Fin

  3. Thank you for taking a firm stand - and letting the community know your voice. I'm sorry Diana, but I'm glad and jolly that you are making the best out your life!

    I usually check out all new blog posts frequently - (I just don't comment as much as I use to). - I'll be sure to stop by yours daily!

  4. Victoria DragonsongJune 2, 2011 at 8:48 PM

    I am sorry that some people are mean to others because of a simple "challenge" (that's really all it is, from my perspective - I have some of my own). I read your tweet earlier about some player being rude - I hope they read this.

    That said. I am glad to read your blog, it is very nice to read. If you ever see me in game (Victoria Dragonsong) feel free to say hi, I love having company while in game.

    I think the motto should be "everything" instead of "anything." I know a few people with challenges who do way more than "normal" people - and they are often the nicest.

    If you have time to help me learn ASL, I'd appreciate it. I've been trying to learn on my own and basically only know the if I could only spell. *chuckle* Please, continue to be a good person regardless of what anyone says.

  5. I thinks it's awesome to see that there are so many different types of people who play Wizard101.

    -Morgrim Trollfriend

  6. The sound of the humongofrog is closely related to losing your marbles or trowing up or puking or hurling or when you have that grumble feeling in your stomach I know some can't hear it, but it can be felt, that feeling, and what is in your stomach starts to come up. You know the feeling we have all puked once in our lives. That feeling, is the sound the frog makes. Hope this helps. Deep and Gross sounding. for sure, but fun to play.

  7. Great post Diana! I actually used to be a Sign Language Interpreter for several different schools in the St. Louis area. So I'm very proud to hear that you are sharing information about Deafness with the Wizard101 community. Did they find someone to transcribe the Ravenwood Radio episodes for you and other Deaf/Hard of Hearing people? Let me know if they have or if you still need someone to volunteer for that job. I would love to help with that. Wish I had time to make a blog describing sounds of Wizard101 for Deaf kids, but unfortunetly I do not. Anyway, great post! :)