Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Update Share 8-7-12

Hello again,

I been busy to focus on home and few things to take care of.  Once kids going back to school, I can focus on Wizard101 and Pirate101, help Kelsey Fireheart with Stars of the Spiral website.  But I just want to share few news since.

My son's eye:

Since I been talking about my son's eye few times in this blog posts in past, but recently we went to see his eye doctor and she told us that great news about my son's eye that has improved and no leaks lately.  Will keep check his eye once in while.  For me, I hope no surgery for while. ;D  But his left eye still has blur which still get times to adjust before he can see with both eyes.  He still has scar tissues inside of his left eye, so we don't know if that  is possible to have surgery to fix that or not.  We will see for next appointment.  

Paige's Dorm Contest:

Well, Congrats to all winners and whoever got 5k crowns still are winners!  But anyway, I did not win but I enjoyed decoration my dorm room.  I would like to share my pictures that I been working on my dorm.  =D

"Hello, welcome to “Back to the Future” store. I am Diana Wildheart, your tailor.  I show you the clothes that are from past to future, you really want to have those style of clothing in related to the time. There are few clothes on shelves and floor that you are looking for right kind of clothing.  If you think you want clothes in past, the few example are Ronan Warrior, Knight, Sultan gears, and princess gears.  If you think you want clothes in future, there are examples like Celestian gears. 

I am using the O ring above the door as my security alarm for whoever try to steal my stuff and clothes. The suitcase is near clothes where I can pack before going anywhere to share my works.    I chose the Kimono with red trim, thought to fit with my Koi pond with three bamboo fountain float in air make this room so calm and serenity.   I thought I like that King Parsley which remind me of King Elvis in past and also my helper."

Laptop of mine:

Sad news that my laptop fell down few times, it get worst when I try play game or working on project, it turn down by itself.  That I can't do anything more.  But my husband will get one part for a computer hard drive to fix so I can use computer instead of my laptop.  I asked for new but he refused. :/  Well, I am not worry about new laptop but I can wait until next year or so.  I am try to save money for other reasons.    

Process to Sell Home:

Um, well, we are process to sell our home to move for better home with backyard for kids to play, few reasons are that I can play laptop outside while kids play and near my husband's work.  Other reason that I don't play much during daytime are kids and have to keep this home clean before the agents show their clients which is not easy with two kids make mess at home.  Other reason is my website project has to be on hold until calm down at new home or whatever we will be at.  My mind can't focus too many like clean home, focus on kids and working on projects.  

I am so sorry to make you wait for my website but it will be ready when I will post it up.    The choice of garden info that everyone voted are number 2, I wish that everyone should vote in my blog but I counted some people who said in twitter and email.  So Number 2 is the best way for me to show garden info for all seeds.  Thank you for voted! :)

That's all for my update share!

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!