Monday, September 17, 2012

Update September 17, 2012

Hello again,

I am back but not 100% back for few reasons:


Our condo has two offers, but we accepted one.  Since we waiting for some offices to approval our agreements.   So after it get approval, we will looking around the houses that we want to live for at least few years or so.  


Our internet drive us so crazy that keep kick us off.  I try focus on Wizard101 few times but internet not great.  I think our wireless start fall apart.  But we going to wait until after we move to other house and get new wireless system for our new home.

"12 Weeks Contest"

It has to postponed until further notice.  Like I said about my topics are Moving and Internet.  So maybe after moving and set up everything at new home, when it get calm down, will start that contest.  All right?

"Congratulation to Official Fansites"

PVP Central (no link yet)????

I want to say congratulation to all fansites.   =)

"Blog Posts Plans"

I do have some plans for my blog posts: Gardening 303, Crafting 202, Are You Boring at Wizard101?, Reach Garden Rank Faster and Dungeon Advice..... that are my plans in few months.  Please don't steal my topics.  Thank you.

Other plan is I am working on my death wizard which is lvl 8 that try reach lvl 15 to start gardening research for Stars of the Spiral.  Yes, I am site manager for Stars of the Spiral.  I give my permission for SotS have my information when I type in blog before post in SotS. Don't hurt them.  We working hard that we try improve our community site SotS, not just for Kelsey Fireheart or Diana Wildheart but for everyone in community of Pirate101 and Wizard101.

"Pirate101 News"

Pirate101 will release about early October.  I give you the link which is easy for you to go and read there instead for me to type, okay?  I give the credit to that person who released the news of Pirate101.  :)  Avast! KingsIsle Announces Pirate101 Launch Date & Pre-Sale  and check the two Pre-sale Bundles out!

My hubby will give me that bundle for my birthday gift that we have not decide yet.  I was thinking of Barnes and Noble gift card, new glasses or other but perfect timing for new pirate101 bundle.  That what I wanted for my birthday.   =D

Anyway, that is my update for my blog since August.  I am so sorry I been busy lately, not update since.  

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!