Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Spells Reveal by Drops

Hello again,

I would like to share this title with you about new spells reveal by who drop.   That spell you can keep for forever which you can't lose it once you change training points.  It won't remove or gone.  Once you learned, it stay with you for long, long, long time.  =)

Monk Goat Spell (Life)

dropped by Zaneki (Fire Boss)
Shiritaki Temple, MooShu

Ninja Pig (Myth)

(image coming soon)

dropped by Koto (Ice)
Cave of Solitude, MooShu

Samoorai (Balance)
dropped by Shoji (Balance)
Shiritake Temple, MooShu

Good luck to farming them, warning to you, once you get it, you will see that card pop up. That mean it is your forever.  =)

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

200th Post of Diana Wildheart

Hello again,

I just want to share this title "200th Post of Diana Wildheart."  I want to say thank you for following and read my blog, waiting patiently for my website project and story that I am still working on.  I am grateful for many loyal followers, the community, Wizard101, Twitter and friendships here who enjoy read my blog.  Please come and enjoy to read my blog.  Thank you!

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Capacity Challenge

Hello again,

This are for everyone in world.

I would like to talk about this title, Capacity Challenge.  Since my bank most wizards are full because of crown gears, wands, seeds, and house items that I want to keep in future.  But sadly, it keep full every time we farming or can't move around the bank to backpack to shared bank to attic since it is full.  I has to sell them or feed my pets with those stuff that I may not need in future.

So I just want to give you the ideas to save space for bank.

For wands, that will be nice if Kingsisle Wizard101 will give house furniture as wand stands.  That I found in Bazaar, I thought why not have those Wand stands for our wands to set up.

(Maybe Wand Stands recipe to make)

What about gears?   Hmm... I would get that part right now.  I found some pictures in bazaar, I thought why not.
(Hat Stand)

(Boots Shelf)

(Robe Wardrobe)

I think like limit ten in one shelf or wardrobe but not set up in game yet, I think that will be nice if press x to set up gears there, but wait, why not use mannequin? It is so easy to have mannequins with gears.  That can show better than just "closet."  If you want to know where get the recipes. The recipes are at Felicia Worthington, Reagent Square, Marleybones. Pssttt.... you have to complete Initiate Crafter quest, then you can have those recipes.  

Female Mannequin Recipe:
10 Seraph Treasure Cards
4 Shadow Oil
1 Crystal Vial
80 Ores
30 Fossils
25 Scrap Iron
15 Black Pearl
48 Leather Strap

Male Mannequin Recipe:
10 Vampire Treasure Cards
4 Shadow Oil
1 Crystal Vial
80 Stone Block
30 Diamonds
25 Black Lotus
15 Spring
48 Bronze Gear

I decided I am try to set up so I can have space in bank. Here for example:

I thought why not use mannequin with all gears to set up in your house or dorm or wherever you prefer.  I think that will be nice to show instead in bank that keep going full.  One thing I wish for Wand Stands.  That will be nice to show off of that to set up instead hiding in bank.  

What do you think of this ideas or decoration to set those gears?  If you have those problem with recipes, or reagents or treasure cards.  Think carefully.  What stuff that we can use?  Gardening, feed pets with stuff (gears, house items and etc), crafting and reagents hunting.

Garden=Reagent Harvest!  This link will help you what you will use often for this mannequin recipe.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Friendships, RR, Twitter: Drama!

Hello again,

I would like talk about this title.  Are you curious why I put that title?  Hmm..... I want to let you aware of this happened in twitter tonight (3-7-2012).  I joined Ravenwood Radio later before they end the night.  And I read the twitter, one of friend told me to "talk to my friend Icy that because he can't use name as a name anymore, according to her."  Woah...... wait a minutes!  Icy is working with Ravenwood Radio, she know what to do with rules and jobs that she did.  I just want to let you know that I do nothing relate with Ravenwood Radio and I know that they don't want to be confuse because of Kingsisle names as they think of famous names.

The reasons are what if they see that name, ooh, that person working with Kingsisle, so I can give ideas or ask questions or whatever.  What if they think of you as wrong person and decide against that or try follow different name as NPC names.   Is that fair for other wizards?   But I mean about Ravenwood Radio, they don't want to see the names in chat room that will so confuse for other people.    But in twitter, you can use name as long as Kingsisle say okay or nay.  You have to be careful what you want to set the name by yourself.    I like what Stephen Spiritcaller said in his blog in Ravenwood Radio. Link:

Back to Icy, she is my friend, I am respect her and her positions for community.  I am not bother her or tell her what to do. I do have friends with Petnome, Ravenwood Radio and some community, but therefore I am not tell them what to do after you tell me to do.  I won't do it.  I am respect their works, their doings and their rules.  I am value friendship with them.  So that friendship that we agree to be "trust, respect and nice to each other."

I am try to make clear to you that I won't do to tell them after you tell me or them to us.   It won't be fair and it will look bad on you or yourself.  Therefore, too much drama in twitter after mute or ban in chat room because of name.  If they ask you, please change name.  That's it.  Very simple solution!  Just do change name after they ask nice way, if you don't, they have no choice but mute or ban IP address.  So just be careful what you doing.   I will if they tell me to change name. I respect that.  I don't want get trouble or get ban because of name.  Just respect to the people who work hard to make this community.   I am applaud on them.   They are amazing people!  Even some people said they are awful people, but really, the rules states no swear, languages or names!  You have to remember this game, this community are for everyone as friendly family game.  What is friendly family mean to you?   Think about it!  Any ages no matter what, just be careful before you say in chat room or twitter.  Okay?

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!