Monday, February 27, 2012

Sneak Peek of my Website!

Hello again,

I would love to share this website, but no link yet.  I just working on that for about two weeks now.  But understand that I stay home mom with two kids, I been busy over few things lately this month.  I hope next month is better than this month, we will see......

So here are few images that I want to share with you:

I will have few volunteers to check my website before I go ahead with link.  To tell me that I need to change or improve or words grammars needed.   OKay?

I may need your help/opinion, for crafting: Do I need to add gears, daggers, rings from WC to DS beside crafting quests?  What do you want to see crafting or/and gardening in website in future?  Please comment.  Thank you.

Watch for it when I will post it up in near future.  =)

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

More Countries, UK, Crowns, and House!

Hello again,

I would like to let you know that I am going to talk about United Kingdom Wizard101 that I will post once in a while for US and UK, maybe countries, who know?  Anyway, I would like to share this game and few things I noticed about.  I will explain each topics.  Okay?

(Please warn me if I type wrong words or anything. Honest, I don't like to offend. 
I am still learning about names and words.  
Thank you.)

Hey, I am not negative or anything like that about countries, but I just want to share, that's all.

~~~~~~~~ YAY! More Countries! ~~~~~~~~

On Wizard101, we do have countries to added are so far:  France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States of America.

Beta Test are Greece (Greek) and Turkey.

Wizard101 China, I am add few links as you can read what's up with China.
                   What "Wizard101" Gave Up To Break Into China: Exposed Bones, Points, Gold
                   August 2011 News Wizard101

Here are few websites that friends, twizards and bloggers share:

The Friendly Necromancer blog
Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem
Housing Maunal
Secrets of the Spiral: Autumn Dreamwalker 2.0
Marrisa Petal: Livin' the Theurgist Life: Strength My Wizard101 Horizons

****Please warn me if I forget other countries.  I will try add and edit it later.****

~~~~~~~Gameforge Wizard101~~~~~~~

I would like to talk about Gameforge Wizard101.  That company only for Europe Wizard101 Europe

Since I been announce little in twitter about UK that I working on my wizard Diana Wildheart.  As I said UK Diana Wildheart. ;-)  I will warn you all when I will type this is for all, or US or UK or whatever.  So watch for it when I will say which for everyone.

I noticed that they do have limit crown shop as you may not like in US that have too many crown items in shop that we may boring with it.  But my opinion that in US Wizard101 should limit that they can change in few weeks which help the game going smooth better instead throw everything in shop as too much items.   Maybe more exciting like change few items every few weeks that we never see before.  Who know?  Who want more surprises that Kingsisle put in crown shop or something?  Pssstttt.... please comment this.  =)

 I think but I don't want to jump "assume," the crown items in shop that they change in every few weeks.  Like for example, this time as right now, they focus on Ice school items as gears, wands, pets and etc.....  In few weeks ago, I still don't know how they announce or something about remove few things off of crowns shop like Sultan's Palace.  They did that for few weeks then removed it off.  But I think it may be back later, but we don't know yet.  Like I said I don't want to jump "assume."  They do have limit crown items in shop, unfortunate, they don't have packs like in US wizard101 has lot of packs like Dragon Hoard, Wyvern, Kirin, Nightmare, and Raven.  Fortunate, they do have individual items as you want to buy there or not.  For example: they has dragon wing mount in few weeks ago that I saw in shop.

In UK, they have like 2 realms, in US, they has like over 15 realms.

Oh, yes, in UK, they don't have Wysteria and Zafaria yet.  Like in US has everything there now, but give other countries between 4 to 12 months to have new worlds or update.  So give them a times to have updates in while.  For me, I like UK, few reasons are you can gift crowns from your account to your friends or whoever (but just be careful when you will give away your own money), less people in there, you can buy gold for Sultan's Palace or pets from crown shop (I bought Samoorai Pet with gold), and limit crowns items in shop.  Some may not like it because of limit items in crown shop or not release new worlds yet.  But for me, I really like over there UK. Sorry, no offend, USA!

~~~~~~Crowns, how to buy~~~~~~~

Well, I just want to talk about this topic about Crowns, how to buy or pay online in United Kingdom or countries.  It is hard to explain about that, but I want to warn to you all before you decide buy or pay online, make sure to call your bank account to let them know before you will go ahead to buy or pay.  I been struggle in few days, I realized that I has to call my bank.  They don't want to everyone, their credit cards as "thief" buy anything in counties.  They do very good securities over our credit cards.  So I am advice you to contact your bank before go ahead to pay online.  And by the way, the bank of mine warned me that I have to call them to remind them that I will pay again in future.  So I just want to let you know about this situation.

I noticed the crowns cost compare US and UK.  I prefer UK crowns more than US, no offend to USA.  But I am use wisely with money.  So here is it:

**United State Crowns to pay:**

37,500 crowns for $50 dollars if you use credit card, they will give you 2,500 bonus.

**United Kingdom Crowns to pay:**

62,500 crowns for $67 dollars (50.00 pounds for United Kingdom), same as they will give 2,500 bonus.

~~~~~~ House Level Requirement ~~~~~~~

This is very funny story but confuse for countries, I want to share this to everyone.

When I was level 10, I bought Sultan's Palace that not required for level 15 or up since it is gift card in USA, it is silly if you buy gift card and the house required level 15+ that you are level 5 or lower.   But anyway, back to my story, level 10 life wiz has Sultan's Palace, I accident port to palace instead of dorm.  So Mason ported to me at my palace, he said, "you got it? I thought it was level 15 required."  I has to explained to him that in game you notice that most houses are required level 15 and up.  

Still confuse?  Okay, let me get few pictures for you to understand why I has to explain for everyone so don't be confuse.  Okay?  Forget the names that I show you the images of this:

Notice anything different?  See the red as "LEVEL 15+ ONLY."  That for most houses in game as you will see why we have to wait until level 15+ only.  But for Sultan's Palace, Sun Palace, and Massive  Fantasy Palace has NO "level 15+ only."  For your information, I am tell you do not confuse about houses and palaces.  OKay?  You can watch for palaces coming to your world and watch for it in game.  Good luck!


Now I hope this will help you to understand the Countries, Gameforge, Crowns, and House Level.

Oh by the way, I may have the contest for UK only that may need crowns.  So watch for it in future!  ;-) 

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Splendid Attire and Energy

Hello again,

When I knew something coming up with Wizard101 like new gears.  Lot of people were so exciting about it.  But found out about gears their stats are not great.  So last night I talked to Kelsey about stuff, gardening, pets and more stuff in wizard101, she told me that " Splendid Attire."  I was like what is that?  But I know they have new gears.  So I checked it out, ooh...... she told me that it is better gears for gardening and pets training.  I was like I thought that Wyvern Gears has better energy, but I am wrong at all of the times.  I been overlooking of that new gears.  Let me show you compare the gears I have Wyvern Gears and show Splendid Attire stats.

 Wyvern's Hoard Pack
Cost: 399 Crowns each pack


Pssssttttt....... the energy are total: 42 energy from that gears only.  But you have to keep buy packs until you have all gears.  Can't promise that.

 Splendid Attire
Cost: 12500 Crowns


Psssstttt, do you like star and moon gears?  Anyway, back to the energy are total: 45 energy only for those crowns gears.

But Kelsey suggested to use Wyvern robe only to stitch to that robe.  So you have energy total is 48.  But remember, Splendid Attire is level 70 only.  So I has my life wiz with wyvern gears with energy full as 119.  But I tried those new gears, I added 10 more energy which is 129.  Wow...... that more than I thought.  More than you think that enough for gardening only.  But nope, you can have more gardening with two or three patches or just one gardening and the energy left that you can training pet(s).

If I was you, but of course, you need crowns to buy those gears but I wonder if they do have gears as drop. If they do, that will be awesome.  Very sad, my second accounts has lot of hats and boots but no wyvern robe with energy.  That's all I need for my second account.

But anyway back to energy gears.

I hope it will help you to think about to have it to be worth to keep it or not.  For me, I like to have star and moon gears and more energy.  Of course, the stats are not great but it is worth to have those gears as look and energy for gardening and pets training.

Think about it.  

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Test Realm: Tag Game!

Hello again,

I would like to talk about this test realm: Tag Game! The test realm is here, online now!   Here is the link: Test Realm: Update Notes! I typed the red which I added more info, just scroll down of this page, if you think you need to read, go ahead. =)

The tag game is look like this picture:

It is cost 2000 crowns, not bad.  
There is one more picture.

There are two games in there, you choose: Tag Game or Wildfire game.  

Tag game is more like you are it, then you touch someone as it.  More like pass around if you see anyone in a house.  The game won't be over until someone decide to stop the game.

Wildfire game is more like one person is it but once touch, you become elf. You spread friend to friend until one person is last to be not touch is winner.  The game is over after last person winning.

Today we played for about 2 or 3 hours at Bailey Skystaff's sun palace, seriously, I lost time track. LOL!  I am tell you that game with players was so much fun when we play this game tag/wildfire.  I am sure that we will looking forward for this game which won't release to live until later this year.  That so sad but we can't wait.  LOL!  Anyway, I think this is worth the fun if you are boring.  If you done with everything like badges hunting, quests and etc, you are boring, why not play this game for fun?  Hmm...... Who know?   I will believe that if I do that, I may not finish my quests or wizards.  Hee hee hee.......  

Like Kingsisle said this won't be live until later this year.  I think but I don't want jump the conclusion.  I think  there is a possible to have more games in future, who know?  If you think same as I think, what games do you think we will see in future?  Suggests, comments or anything but bad words, please, thank you.

If it will release to live, I am sure we will have game, maybe every friday or saturday evening/night.  If not good timing, maybe suggest in comments so we can get ideas about schedules in future.  I wonder if we have the website of calender for everyone who can join for tag/wildfire game or more games.

I think it is so worth our times and social.  I better get start my decoration as soon I can. =)  Oh, by the way, if you planning to have teleporter in house to house, the game won't working for groups.  If you planning to have elf pets, it get so confused for which pets and which players.  If you planning to have decorations like forest or jungle theme, that will be awesome, as long as we don't get stuck.  I like that ideas in Sun Palace that has great plants to hiding if they have house items as bigger, or tall than players height.  Here is the picture I took while I hiding.  

We really need like that plants like huge so it will be tag/wildfire game.  Like fern but still small, we need huge like that picture which good ideas like for tag/wildfire game.  Well, mostly wildfire game.

I think of wildfire game, maybe the rule, but don't have to read this.  I think of person who will volunteer to be it. If Wizard101 can add timer for everyone to have time to hiding like one minute or have it (elf) touch game, have timer show up say one minute until countdown to zero.  Then one minute is up, that person as it and looking for anyone who not be elf yet until last person winning.  I think of port to friends that not support to be in.  I think of like block port, once the game is start. When last person win, the game is over, unblock port or something.   I feel like it is not fair when you port to someone to be elf, then game is over.  I just thought about that part until port block/unblock during game time.  If you don't like that ideas, I understand that.  ;)

Oh, I forgot about houses to houses or from dorm to houses with teleporters, it won't works for tag games since we tried and test them out.  Nope.  One game per one house, that's it!  I been thinking about sun palace that has very huge place to hiding and play as tag games.  But we need plants like so huge more than our wizards heights.  Wizard101, will you do that asap?  Please, pretty please?  ;-)

For you, if you think of maze or something like forest like red leaf tree or whatever you think you can set for tag games, please share with us.  I will love to have ideas and share with everyone.  But remember, big house will be better if you have lot friends to come for fun or party or event or whatever.

Wizard101, I wonder if there is a possible to have huge (no pvp arena?) maze house for bundle gift card.  I know that will be so complex to figure out to set maze like fun house or something.  

I would say this game is worth our fun and social!  =)

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Very Special Today! (02-12-2012)

Hello again,

I would like to say Happy birthday to Fallon, Happy Wizaversary to Cassandra Dragonheart (2nd years) and Christina (Icy) IceDreamer (3rd years).

I just remembered in one year ago, we came to Cassandra's house for fun and pvp party to celebrate Fallon's birthday, Cass and Icy's wizaversary.  Funny, I was so confused to say birthday instead wizaversary to those Ladies.  I have not friends any of them until after friend lists added more rooms.  I was so happy to have friends with them.  But that night Icy wished to add me, I was like Okay, I like her as well.

So we added each other and we slowly talked and do quests little by little.  Found out that her birthday is on September 2nd and my birthday is on September 9th.  We has birthday parties two friday night, it was fun.  =)

We has our wizards each other but not all of them.  We have other wizards same name as our Main wizards, we will be ready to add you when we will.  OKay?  We are somewhere in Marleybones.  But we are not ready to add friends yet.

Anyway, I wish to say Happy 1st year of Friendship to Icy today as we remembered.  I keep friendship between her and me.  It was wonderful year.  =)  Since I said Happy birthday to Icy that year as today.  It was funny for me to mess my mind up as I thought going to say Happy Wizaversary! instead of Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to you! Fallon!

Happy 2nd Wizaversary 
Cassandra DragonHeart!

Happy 3rd Wizaversary 
Christina "Icy" IceDreamer

I am glad to have friends like them.  They are wonderful ladies, and they are Ravenwood Radio crews.  I never forget those ladies who helped me lot.  =)  Thank you, Ladies!

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Please Help Petnome!

Hello again,

I would like to say, Please help Petnome teams to fill all pets talents and derbies as possible.  I know they are very busy people to do their best to fix and fill it up for you, but please, please, please give them times to set up and everything as they can. Here is the link: Petnome. Thank you.

Oh, by the way, the Petnome focus on 1st generation only, not hatch or other.

PETNOME (Twitter)

Elemental Foo: 17/20
Fiendish Foo: 15/20
Guardian Foo: 15/20
Imperial Foo: 6/20
Lavender Foo 18/20
Sunfire Foo: 18/20

Getting close!! #w101

"Something SPECIAL will happen once all of the Foo Dogs have been completed on the Petnome Project!  ;)" Petnome Teams

They do have lot of pets need to be complete, too.  Here is the link: Close to Completion

I am suggest this website Petnome is the best for everyone to know about talents or/and derbies, if you want the talents or/and derbies best for your pet to hatch and improve it.  Good luck!

Petnome Teams does very awesome jobs since July 19, 2010.  Not for Petnome, but community as well.  We are working together to help fill the pets, not teams do it but ALL of us do it to support Petnome.

If you find that 1st generation pet that not there list, do train and fill up at Petnome Submission Form 2.02

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Advantages of Clean Houses*

Hello again,

This is for UK and US, but of course for all countries to know, too. I would like to talk about few things relate to Houses.

Like Wizard101 reminded us over and over about clean up backpacks and gifts box.  Here is the link: Time to Clean! (Wizard101 Forum)

It made me thinking about how avoid the game lagging.  So I asked Paige Moonshade, we chatted in twitter about relate to houses topic.

Here are the chatting we been talking and Q&A (warning if you don't understand what we talked about, please read this before you read the bottom I am share with you why we need to keep our in-game houses clean up):

Diana Wildheart do you feel like wizard101 should have extra elixair for more slots for houses?

 Paige Moonshade  Not really, with each house you get the more lag you can get. I have 6 on my wiz and sometimes I lag and my comp is good. If they do have them they should cost a lot.

 Diana Wildheart oh i see hmm i just wonder cause i don't mind to change house other house instead of this house you know

 Paige Moonshade 

Oh i know , I think of it this away. Kids and some adults including myself ;) would just keep adding houses. Then KI cont..

 Would get some many complaints on lag issues. I have learn the hard way and had to sell one over 6 to many.

diana wildhear: sad i have like all crowns house that i can't give away.

 Paige Moonshade  I sold one and re bought it on another wizard with gold. I love that they allow them to be bought with gold. or crowns

 Diana Wildheart  i think u r right about lag in game. Maybe should same treat like backpack as clean up. Less stuff like should not lag. :/
Paige Moonshade well think about it 500 items per house times 6 houses right there you have 3000 items just for decorations now add attic backpacks and banks and dorms which hold 50 that is a lot of items per wizard now times by 6 wizards That is over 3500+ items per wizard with 6 houses easy, Times 6 wizards 21k+ items imagine if you added more houses and items.

Diana Wildheart that is lot stuff but i wonder about if we rid of some stuff that we may not use very often, as house items. is that possible to have the game less lag or problem? I just curious if it is happen to all of us, with new or old computers like that.

 Paige Moonshade  Oh wait now you are talking animations that cause lag too . the more you have the more it counts. See why I do not think having extra house elixirs a good idea? maybe if they cost enough crowns people would not buy like crazy? I highly doubt it. I know people that can buy many of them and would have that many houses.

 Diana Wildheart  hmm good ideas i should have one or two house that limit 50 instead of 250 but need to be limit than have more or everything so it won't be lag

 Paige Moonshade  Agreed there would need to be a way to limit. Or I was thinking , yes this would kill me but limit how many houses. yet maybe give more item count.

It really very helpful to know what Paige mean to all of us.  She is great woman and who know about decorations inside and outside.  It made me thinking about set the limit more than I needed.  Since Kingsisle reminded all of us to focus to clean up backpack and gifts box.

But why not focus on Houses that stuff you already have in there?  Why not focus that stuff not worth to you?  I mean do not give up stuff that you will use often.  Just what you will use and keep it.  If you have too many stuff in that houses, why not clean up as spring time cleaning?  I am suggest that if you give stuff away that you will not use often that will help less lag in game.  Hmm, maybe?  So my goals to have all wizards to clean up and see what I don't need, try make this game going smooth.  I know that can't be promise, but try your best to clean up and whatever.

Yes, I do have problems with pets.  I feel like why not to give some away.  I wish, wish, wish that the Wizard101 should have Pet Market as we can sell/buy pets that we really want to have or rid of them that other players want some of pets to keep.

I know that my husband try to narrow stuff that we have at home that we try to clean and organize, he said, 
"Is this stuff worth to keep or become dust collection?"  
It reminded me since I been talking to Paige about Houses issues of stuff that we keep make lag or worst.  

I thought it will be cool to have extra elixiar.  But Paige has good point since she has 6 houses in one wizard made it worst or lagging in game.  Since UK Wizard101 are very lucky to have extra elixiar can be crowns in their game.  Remember, US have gift card "bundle" that included extra Elixiar, choose wisely for which wizard you will put in.  But remember US have more stuff than UK and countries.  So remember don't be jealous or whatever.  Of course, we have here to buy $39 for that gift card.  But UK and countries don't have gift cards like bundle or whatever they have or not.  They just buy with crowns or gold, it is depends on which countries.

So I just remind you again, please, please, please clean or rid or organize your wizards houses.   I don't mean sell house or rid, but I mean this quote from my hubby:

"Is this stuff worth to keep or become dust collection?"  

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

* Credit to Paige Moonshade for that title. =)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Drama, Bullied, Realms, and Supports

Hello again,

I would like to say something and give the advices to everyone.  Few friends of mine has bullied from Wizard101 in few days past.  I just don't like to see people who bully or hurt people's feeling.  I am so tired of "Drama" over game.  In my opinion, I rather to have fun in Wizard101 games or any kind of games.  I don't want to see "drama."  It really so stupid and lame for everyone to be bully over who are low levels and they try to enjoy the games.  For what?  Make yourself good?  Think about when you was their wizard as low level.  We did that before we learn about this game.  So do not make fun of low level wizards, please.  I know that few links that talked about facebook, twitter and other links or blogs or whatever.  But I just want to let you know I am so tired of 'Offended," "Drama," and "Make fun of other people."  It can be offend to other as influence to us as Community of Wizard101.

When they talked about few realms that so crowd or full, or few realms where lot of people talk in bad languages.  Well, I always use few perfect realms that I am avoid drama, bully and languages.  That why I always go there when I choose perfect realms, that I really hate few things in wizard101 about people who don't respect over the rules of Wizard101.  Remember, we can click the "Report" right away after behave or say. Do not shy to click "REPORT!"  So be careful.......

I am so surprised that community of Wizard101 support each other when need help or support after whoever bully our friend of friends/families.  I like that support, please, please do that and keep going that we can come and support no matter what.  You are special and wonderful person.  No matter what, you always to be in my mind and heart that I am caring about for Wizard101 game only.

From twitter, we use news, blogs info, what's up with our wizards and let everyone know what's up with party or else.  We don't want that twitter as chat.  As long we discuss relate to Wizard101 Topic like gardening or crafting or quests, stuff like that.  We do sometimes need help from twitter friends/family that can come and support. Be warning about twitter, we want to keep twitter clean as friendly-family, think like Wizard101.  Thank you.  By the way, if you want to have long chat, either use facebook chat or skype chat. Okay?

If you feel so bully or feel like need talk to someone, please do that to twitter or close friends that you know, talk to them.

My advice, again, like I said, use realm as perfect, that you don't feel bully or bother at.  Realm with Perfect not always perfect to see people there hiding with bad languages and stuff.  But try to be careful where you going.

Other night, I ran from shopping area to pet place, woah! I was so shock about that two persons did (I wish I can say it but it is more friendly family blog for everyone, so I can't say it, sorry) anyway, it is not fair that people abuse the rules of Wizard101.  We need Mods or something to watch over Wizard101.  Even click on reports are not enough.  What I mean we need workers as cops to watch over commons only, maybe bazaar and few areas where they tends do worst at.  Not 24 hours watch over area, but if it was me if KI pay for watch few areas, that will be nice to have little job to do.  But of course, it won't work, I am sure that other players want that, too.  But still abuse the rules anyway.

Please respect this rules of Wizard101.  Do you remember when you agreed with Wizard101 before enter the game?  That why we all here to have fun, not here to watch drama, offend, and bad stuff like that.  We want to play this game to have fun, that's all.

My advice, again, I am remind you, try go to realm as perfect, not crowd or full.  It can make your game lagging and slow.  So it will help you avoid to be bully and drama.  Do not get involve to be bully or drama, please.  We want to enjoy our game.  Thank you.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!