Friday, December 30, 2011

My Son's News

Hello again,

I would like to say some news about my son's health.

Great new: no tumor in his eye.

Eh news: His left eye is very serious problem, need to be fix asap which will be on Tuesday, January 3rd.
If not for my husband found out, he will have blind spot in his left eye in few years later.  So we need to get his eye fix asap.
                 He will miss few days of school.  The most important to us is his eye.  Maybe some of you may not understand the situation like this as eyes are so important.  Well, remember that we the parents are deaf.  We are use our eyes and hands to communication.  Can you imagine yourself to have earplugs in your ears and try listen the sounds, music, stuff like that, and etc?  Can you?  I can't imagine that but we are very precious over eyes than ears in our opinion.

If you want to pray that day, if you planning to have "fast" or whatever your religious is, if you have plans to put my son in prayers, whatever you call that as spiritual.....that will be very helpful and blessing for you and us, too.  I want to say thank you for your times and patient for us.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

\lm/ Diana Wildheart

Ivy League

Ivy League 


Sold by:
Crown Shop 
1250 Crowns 
How long without “like”:
24 Days 
How long with “like”:

Seed drop:
XP Mature:

XP Elder:

Gold Mature:
Gold Elder:

Energy Needed:

Gardening Spells:

Reagent Drops:

Treasure Card Drops:

Pet Snacks Drops (Rank):

Rank 2 Pest 

Perfect Amethyst^
Perfect Citrine^
Perfect Jade^
Perfect Onyx^
Perfect Peridot^
Perfect Ruby^
Perfect Sapphine^

Availing Hands
Insane Bolt



Tropical Garden Gnomes

Special Notes:

At mature harvest, they drop one card, one gold, and two reagents.

At elder harvest, they drop 3 cards, one gold, one seed and a chance of one to two reagents.

Who Drops:

Boon Tree

Boon Tree 

Sold by:
Crown Shop during Christmas Time (2011)
How long without “like”:
9 days with Pixie Like
How long with “like”:

Seed drop:
No, but drop Happy Holidaisy
XP Mature:
XP Elder:
Gold Mature:
Gold Elder:

Energy Needed:

Gardening Spells:

Reagent Drops:

Treasure Card Drops:

Pet Snacks Drops (Rank):

Pest 1

Frost Flower


Bad Honeyed Dates (8)*
Caramel Corn (8)*
Double Popsicle (6)
Fruit and Nut Bar (8)*
Super Cold Popsicle (5)


Tropical Garden Gnomes

Special Notes:

Very attract Pixie

At mature, they drop 2-4 items: 1 gold, 1 house item, a chance of seed, reagent and snack

At elder, they drop 10 items: 1 gold, 1 pet, 2 snacks, 2 seeds, 1 reagents, 1 7 days mount and 2 house items.

Who Drops:


Other Notes: At mature, they drop House Items: Wrapped Gift (Polka Dot, Snowflake,
                                                                                   Snowman, Star and Tree)
                                                             Holiday Wreath

                     At elder, they drop same things from Mature harvest, but more:
                                                             7 Days Mount: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue and Pink
                                                             Pet: Christmas Elf, Evil Snowman, Frostman,
                                                                      and Grumpy Snowman 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Son's Problem

Hello again,

I know that not relate to Wizard101, but my son loved to play Wizard101.  Anyway, today we went to the specialist from other eye center referred us to go there.  We been there for few hours to have tests to check my son's eye today.  And guess what?  He got Coat's Disease or Retinal Telangiectasis, that what doctor said.

Here are few links:

Coat's Disease - Wikipedia

It is very rare disease.  I am glad I have this communicty who supported and prayed for my son.  I am grateful for this people I care about.  My son will have more tests next week to check before they decide to have surgery or not.  So we pray for our son to have better eye but can't promise and can't keep high hope for it.  We are being test from our life that we learn about problems we have to face, rather than run away that you can't solve it.  So we want to make sure our family health and safe.  We want to enjoy our christmas this weekend, we hope you have fun and enjoy the times with families and friends.  Please worry about your times with them, not my son, haha.  We are worried about our son, but don't worry about it, please I ask you to enjoy Holiday.  =)  Of course you can pray for us.  I don't mind for supports we have.  Thank you.

My daughter is fine, she been checked up and she is fine and happy.  I love both kids dearly.  And my husband, too.

I wish you Happy Holiday!  =)

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Part of Story

Hello again,

I need your help to be part of my story, "Lost Princess of Spirals."  The link is here: LPoS Fan Fic

Can you tell me your character name?
Which school?
Can you describe your character?
What spiral is your favorite place to go?

Please comment this below, which will be easy for me to read this instead of twitter.  Thank you.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals

Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Days of Wizard Christmas (Part 2)

Hello again,

The 12 Days of Wizard Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, Wizard101 gave to me...
Charity Christmasmoose (Permanent)

On the second day of Christmas, Wizard101 gave to me...
Holiday Poem Contest

On the third day of Christmas, Wizard101 gave to me...
Color Light Strand

On the fourth day of Christmas, Wizard101 gave to me...
50% off on Select Packs

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

Friday, December 9, 2011

12 Days of Wizard Christmas (Song)

Hello again,

I thought to make a song but not my writing.  Copy but change words.

The 12 Days of Wizard from Wizard101:

So I thought why not to write the song?

The 12 Days of Wizard Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, Wizard101 gave to me...
Charity Christmasmoose (Permanent).

That's it!  LOL

Each day I will add the verse each day, when Wizard101 has surprises for us.   =)

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Meet New Players for contest!

Hello again,

I would like to welcome our contestants:

Brooke Summerflame
Chase EarthBlade
Digby Mythweaver
Jacob Legendheart
Morgrim Trollfriend
Noah Shadowrider
Sean Fire
Sierra (Sorceressmiklai)
Tasha Sparkleheart
Wolf Blood

Thank you for them to be involve this contest.  Wish them good luck!

This is for Seeds contests that I will send the messages/puzzles/clues and stuff to them only.  When they complete the level up.  I will put it up in this blog of mine after they complete.  

The Messages for Contestants:

1. Please be in Twitter most of times that I will say in hashtag as #W101SEEDS, I will email to you new puzzles.  Please watch for it.  

2. If you done with puzzles, email back to me with all answers. And say #W101SEEDS back to me, that will help me to check your email.  I sometimes forget to check.  So please make sure and say it in twitter.  

3. You can have help, only this group.  =)

I will send one contest puzzle later this evening, I hope you can complete that puzzle before next day.  But don't have to.  I wish the contestants good luck!

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Free Seeds Give Away Contests!

Hello again,

This week from December 1st to 8th, seeds are on sale!  And everyone in wizard101 need seeds for pet training or reagents or something else I don't know about yet.  I thought about to give the seeds away to winners.  Here they are:

Grand Prizes: 
10,000 worth of items you choose!

1st Place Prize:
5,000 worth of items you choose!

2nd Place Prize:
2,500 worth of items you choose!

3rd Place Prize:
1,250 worth of items you choose!

The seeds and pack I selected for everyone who will be winners, be careful to think about to choose:

Couch Potatoes (1200 Crowns)
Deadly Helephant Ears (600 Crowns)
Evil Magma Peas (1125 Crowns)
Happy Holidaisy  (450 Crowns)
Ivy League (1175 Crowns)
Moolinda's Green Thumb Pack (500 Crowns)
Orange Bell Pepper (150 Crowns)

All right, here are the rules:

1-Do not ask or beg for crowns, or gifts.

2-No foul languages

3-Add me in twitter that I will post the clues/announcements for some contests.  ;)

4-Do not spam my email address.
5-Very important, HAVE FUN!  ;)

But first of all, I need your name of wizard if you like to enter.  I will have few contests while you can complete the contest, I will email to you next contest.  And so go on....  If you fail to complete, well, good luck!  

I need your wizard name and email address (I can keep contact you for contests stuff) before Saturday 12/3/2011 11pm MST (1am EST/12 am CST/10pm PST).  Everyone are welcome to join this seeds give away contests.  The subject for contest "Seeds Contest Enter" and the email you should to contact me at

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Zafaria: Legendary Artisan Quest Revision

Hello again,

I just found out that recipe changed. So here the link back to Zafaria: Legendary Artisan Quest. I am surprised that they changed one recipe, but still keep congo drum recipe.  So here is the Spirit Caller Drum Recipe. You will notice the color red that I edited.  Okay?

Require to be Grandmaster Artisan to complete, before talk to him.
Cool Down timer:  12 hours for non- members, 6 hours for members.
Crafting Table Station: Housing Crafting Station

Ingredient as you need to add:

(8)   4 Legion Shield Treasure Card
(4)   2 Perfect Onyx
(4)   2 Pristine Vial
(18) 9 Sunstone
(28) 14 Black Pearl
(16) 8 Golden Pearl
(4)   2 Conga Drum
(26) 13 Aether

You wonder how can you get legion Shields Treasure Cards?

Well, there are few options:

1) Friend Trade

2) Garden: White Tiger Lily

3) Farming: ???? But I heard that you can fight ice bosses and minions in Wintertusk and Zafaria.  I would like to know if you can share the comments who drop those.  Thank you.  =)

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy 2011 Thanksgiving!

Hello again,

I want to share this to you:

Happy 2011 Thanksgiving to you all!

I want to share this with you. =)

I am so grateful for:

                             Twitter Followers,
                             Blogger Fans,
                             Wizard101 Community,
                             Wizard101 Fans,
                             Wizard101 Games,
                             Wizard101 Families,
                             Wizard101 Friends,
                             Wizard101 Gardens,
                             Wizard101 Crafting,
                             IRL Families I have care, kind and love,
                             IRL home that we can live in,
                             IRL Internet that we are required,
                             IRL lovely parents who so worry, care, and love,
                             IRL Husband that I do still care, kind, hard-work and love,
                             IRL children that I gave birth are drive me crazy but challenges are
                                               ahead of me, no matter what I still love them.
                             And you all in the world that I may  not know but
Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday Contest Ideas

Hello again,

I am thinking about to have the "Holiday Contests" for players of Wizard101, who don't have money, can't afford crowns or membership.  I am thinking of the prizes for those who can't afford.  It will be nice if everyone can support and help donate the money for this Holiday Contests.  I have not decide about the contests yet.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please do.  I am so happy to read your ideas or suggestions.

I still thinking about Super bundle gift card, but that for players who have not access wizard101 for while because of no money or parents won't give the money to players.  I thought of give the gifts to whoever are winners, that will be nice as show we do care and love.  Holiday is coming soon.  Please do comments as you can.  If you want to help out, that will be awesome.......

Remember, the holiday mean give the gifts away, we don't take it back.  That show we are care.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Zafaria: Legendary Artisan Quest!

Hello again,

I am so curious to do this Legendary Artisan Quest.  But first you have to do that quest as storyline from Koyate Ghostmane, Legendary Artisan and Shopkeeper in Baobab Market, but he doing the storyline in Baobab Crossroad first, then you have to talk to him after he done with storyline.  He will move to Baobab Market.

He will give you the recipe. It is called Spirit Caller Drums. Is that sounds familiar, who do you know?
It is Stephen Spiritcaller from Ravenwood Radio.  Hmm, am I right?  Who know?

Anyway, the recipe is Spirit Caller Drum.  By the way, you need to make 2 of them.

Require to be Grandmaster Artisan to complete, before talk to him.
Cool Down timer: 120 hours (5 days) for non- members, 60 hours (2.5 days) for members.
Crafting Table Station: Basic Crafting Station

Ingredient as you need to add:

(2)   1 Legend Shield
(10) 5 Perfect Onyx
(12) 6 Pristine Vial
(20) 10 Bone
(20) 10 Leather Straps
(12) 6 Mist Wood
(2)   1 Conga Drum


Conga Drum Recipe

Require to be Master Artisan
Cool Down Timer: 24 hours for non-member, 12 hours for members.
Crafting Table Station: Housing Crafting Station
Cost: 4755 Gold
Vendor: Gearwise, Celestia Base Camp, Celestia

(that mean you need to make 2 conga drum)

Ingredient as you need to add:

(4)   2 Giant
(2)   1 Amethyst
(2)   1 Crystal Vial
(8)   4 Aether
(16) 8 Shell
(32) 16 Fossils
(8)   4 Scales


I hope this will help you to be prepare to save those Ingredients you ready to make.  Be warning! I may will change Grandmaster Artisan to Legendary Artisan badge for challenge. So.... We will see but I have not decide yet when it come to live and I will think about it.  =)

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

Ladies Night Out!?!

Hello again,

I been thinking about lot.  I feel like I really want to have do dungeon with few ladies for one night out for fun.  I don't mind to do this as every other friday evening or saturday evening for just Ladies night only for just one dungeon.

I have Legendary Life, Myth and Storm, soon working on Fire that is level 56 at that moments.  I just wanted to have just ladies night out to have fun to doing in dungeon.

Ladies, what do you think for this idea?

Please leave the comments to share the ideas for Ladies Night Out only.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crown Recycling Ideas?

Hello again,

In twitter, I asked Headmaster Ambrose about how does the pet feed work?  He explained to me how they do work.  Any junks that you don't want to have your backpack full, feed to pet.  It will give the reward(s).

So I asked him about the ideas of crowns that, why not use crowns items that can give crowns back, for example, a robe that is crowns worth 2500 each.  But in return like 750 or something like that.

It hit me, why not crown bazaar????  What about Salon shop?????  Okay, I can explain each ideas.

Crown Bazaar:

Same ideas in normal bazaar, but as you can sell crowns stuff to Crown Bazaar, that crowns only.  Not other items that sell gold, just crowns only.  What if you want to buy something from bazaar  like bone dragon mount or red leaf tree or something like that?  But understand that you sell it as low cost than normal cost.  In return, you will have some crowns back.  Does it make senses? Similar ideas as normal Bazaar.

Salon Shop:

Well, everyone really want to have hair, face, skin or name change.  Why not to have salon shop, but cost Crowns only????   I think of that cost like between 250 to 500 crowns each change.   I have few wizards i feel like i want to change names, skins, face and hairs.  I noticed some games, I can't remember but some games do have salon that you want to change face, hair or/and skin.

If you want to share the comments about this ideas, please do!  Thank you.  =)

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New World: Zafaria

Hello again,

Today I want to share this links that Twitter spread the words.  It is so awesome!  Can't wait for it in test realm before live Realm.

Ravenwood Bulletin Wizard101 November 2011
Wizard101 - Zafaria World Unveil Trailer
Wizard101 Introduces Zafaria and Grub Guardian Minigame
Wizard101 Previews: The Big November Preview
New Wizard101 World Zafaria

Credit to them who posted.  Not by me.  I found the links to share with you. ;-)

The advice for everyone: It is easy if we have test realm to do test to make sure the games going smooth, if you notice mistake or need be fix, do Reports!  Don't waiting!  When it come to Live realm, lot of problems and bugs going on.  That why test realms are for.  We need your help to report the problems and bugs.  Thank you.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween and Deaf comic 10/31/11

Hello again,

I want to share this that really true that hearing people think why not this? why not that?  That how we feel about so pressures from them.  But we choose our way, not their suggestions.  Enjoy!

Here is "My Deafness."

(Credit to M.L. Szok-Ciechacka)

BTW, some of deaf people can talk, and some don't.  So I use American Sign Language and little talks only to my family, and some people who can understand me as I do my best.  Please respect what we really like and enjoy our deafness.  Thank you.  =)


I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!