About Me

Hello again,

You found my "About Me," well, I like to talk about who I am. My name is Diana Wildheart. I am deaf mother with two hearing kids. I am Legendary Theurgist, and Grandmaster Artisan. I am very interesting about doing crafts and gardening while I play in Wizard101. I thought this journal will help you when you stuck with craft and garden, or other stuff need. Find me in Twitter I will check most of the times. Here is my friend code: E89LD-2L5RR-2LTLM-8L685 Redeem this at  www.wizard101.com/friend

Diana Wildheart
Legendary Theurgist, Grandmaster Artisan, Grandmaster Gardener and PVP Commander

Abigail Dawnpetal
Legendary Conjurer
GrandMaster Artisan
Grandmaster Gardener 
PVP Captain

Diana Rainbowheart
Legendary Diviner
GrandMaster Artisan
Grandmaster Gardener
PVP Veteran

Diana Swiftwalker
Initiate Sorcerer 
Master Artisan
Expert Gardener
PVP Private

Paige Soulfinder
Grandmaster Necromancer
Apprentice Crafter
PVP Private

Grandmaster Pyromancer
Master Artistan
PVP Private

Diana Mistshard
Initiate Thaumaturge
Grandmaster Artisan
Grandmaster Gardener
PVP Private

Diana Emerarldheart
Novice Thaumaturge
PVP Private

Diana Skullheart
Novice Theurgist
PVP Private

Angel Wildheart
Apprentice Sorcerer
PVP Private
(my Crafting/blog study person)