Monday, January 14, 2013

75% Back!

Hello again,

How are you all? How was your holiday?   I am doing well.  Our holiday doing good.  Except really cold outside like below -2 degree today.  I am about 75% back to online.  Unfortunate, my old laptop has no wireless and need plug all time.  So I really need new laptop for me but my hubby won't let me get it.  I have to use his laptop but I can't download few programs that I wanted to edit the pictures and other websites.
  :,-(  Oh well...... I am try to convnice him to buy cheap laptop for me so I can focus on projects and websites as well.

I can play Pirate101 and Wizard101 for while as limit times.  I do limit time with Christina Icywiz Icedreamer.  We may need your help once in a while.  Watch for me or Icywiz at twitter, only in morning time.

We moved in basement apartment with three bedrooms but one bathroom with laundry in it. Just few days before Christmas day, it was crazy weekend for us and also during holiday, we organized our rooms and we still have about 50+ boxes left.  But my advice is the best time is summer time for moving. ;-) We are happy that my hubby is closer (5 to 10 minutes drive) to work than 45 minutes drive forth and back every day to work.  And also more time for us to sleep good that he don't have to get up about 5:30am to drive forth and back home.  It was not fun and very limit time with kids at home but now our home near his work is much better. :-D

I will working on those Wizard101 projects as crafting and gardening which will start soon this week.

Last week I made three hats for my family out of Loom Knitting.  Which I really loved it.  My family love as stay warm during winter time!  ;-)  I will focus on my hat and scarf that will match my blue/teal coat.

I missed you so much since I been busy pack and unpack/moving and can't focus online stuff for while.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!