Friday, July 20, 2012

New Poll for seeds page


Hello again,

I would like to have your help/option about my website that I been working on but I wish that website allow the charts.

You have to choice one of those two pictures I post later in this page, the poll is on left side.  Thank you.

#1: All information will be in one page, but different page for each seeds


#2: Have the names list as long as you click the button of name of seeds,

it will get you to the page of this link that I been working since August 2011 in my blog: (for example) Couch Potatoes and all seeds in my blog not my website as wix dot com.

Make senses?

Go vote!  Choose one of those.  I need your help and option about that.  Thank you.

If you want to make comment about this page, please do!

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DoaW: 3rd Annual Ravenwood Ball & Birthday Bash

Hello again,

I would like to get that point to the link of Diary of a Wizard that has 3rd Annual Ravenwood & Birthday Bash which is coming soon: DoaW: 3rd Annual Ravenwood Ball& Birthday Bash.  I like to everyone check there out.  I am not explain everything but Diary of a Wizard has really good everything to explaining.  Go and enjoy to read and enter lot of contests!  Good Luck to win!

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Thinking of 12WCC!


Hello again,

I have been thinking about "12 weeks Challenges Contest" as 12WCC.  I am sure that many of you think what is that "12 weeks Challenges Contest."  Well, I am thinking to have at least one week challenge for you to do complete before end of the week which last 12 weeks mean 12 challenges to win the grand prize(s).  If you do complete, I will approve as you move on.  If you don't complete, well, sorry.  It is part of challenge contest. I am warning to you that the challenges will be trivia, puzzles, crafting/gardening, badge challenge and mazes. It will start later this fall.

I am thinking of the prizes are 30k crowns(?), Pagoda Dungeon Bundle (new bundle that not release yet), $20 Gift Card, $10 Gift Card and choice of few prizes like seeds, packs and whatever that price decide.  (Pssstttt...... If you want to donate the prizes or codes that will show your names to be credit, please email to

I have few questions for you to think about.  If you can share the comments to answer the questions for me?

~Do you think that 12 weeks challenge too long for that good prizes?

~Do you think that prizes are good enough for 12 weeks? If no, suggest what prizes?

~What challenge do you like to see for this contest?

Please leave the comment or have concern/questions to this blog so I can review and answer before start this fall.  Thank you.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Community Supportive!

For KingsIsle Community:

Hello again,

I just want to point to that link from Valerian. When Valerian posted the "Wizard Stories of Supportive Friends" that I read and I am suggest to you please to share the experience of your life which were or still struggle, please post there.  Not my blog, but want to share over there.  Thank you.

It made me thinking hard since I read that link of Valerian's blog.  I give the credit to him make me think hard since we found out that my son has little problem with eye called Coat's Disease. I just wanted to share my experience of my family problems in 2012. I knew that we will be struggle with times for doctor's appointments, surgeries, therapy, bills/debts and health problems as like tired, sickness, and my husband's kidney stone. In past post I put the post of talk about my son's news.  Well, we passed of 6 months past of 2012: 5 surgeries, lot of times visit Doctor appointments with long hours of waiting (which I lost counts since) and exhausting time to watch over my family to get better.  I am grateful for irl families, friends and this KingIsle community who prayed and still praying, support of need and be there as spirit for us.

The reason I loved to read Valerian's post about "Wizard Stories of Supportive Friends, it made me feel like I am not alone, he needed help, everyone need help, and I need help as well.  Everyone has their own problems, struggles and need supportive.  It is amazing to see this community who pray for us who needed help.  If you have problems or need support, ask us in twitter, we will do our best to be there as spirit and thinking of you.

Since my son has little problem with Coat's disease in few months ago, well, almost a year ago, we didn't know and not understand what my son said about his eye that he can't see, but we didn't know until about December 2011 that we made the appointment for general eye doctor to check our eyes, we found out about that rare kind of disease.  We were so sad but we kept going, we don't give up.  We has supportive from IRL families and friends, after I made announcement about my son in my blog and my IRL families, wanted to share that to you which my times are little for wizard101 but do my best times to share information from test realm, crafting, gardening and other stuff as you need to know.  I feel so supportive and so strong from you as Wizard101 Players.  You made me keep going, never give up and feel love, care and kind.  Yes, I been struggle as mother of my son, has to accept as he has coat's disease.  I has emotional up and down.  I been thinking of him since he is my son.  I do have my daughter, she is fine as well, sometimes stubborn like me, haha.... well, I sometimes feel like I am weak and exhausting since we found out. But in few days ago, that doctor checked his eye after surgery, she is so happy and she said that my son's eye is improved than before.  She said his eye doing great, much better than last time.  I was relief but I don't know if still more surgeries in next 6 or 12 months later.  Doctor warned to us as I remembered said about one year to 18 months that still process of eye develop as needed therapy, surgery and other stuff that they doing.  It is still very challenge for us.  We been through 5 surgeries and lot of times with appointments for half of year 2012. But I want to point to this community make me strong and keep going.  I just want to say thank you for your supportive and be there as spirit for me and my family.

Recently about one month ago, my husband has kidney stone, it was so frustrating that my son has surgery and my husband been in pain.  It was hard and challenge for me to take care of all family members who were sick, in pain or need attention.  But I love my family no matter what they sometimes give me hard time but they let me take little break once in while.  I loved them so much!  I never give up on them.

 All I wanted to let you know that
You are not alone! 
Never give up!
Our community spirit keep you to be strong and keep going!
You are not alone!

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Future Crafting Quests with New Reagents


Hello again,

Many of you wonder why I use that title for future Crafting quests with new reagents as:

~Amber Dust
~Braided Vine
~Merle's Whisker

I would like to set the advice for everyone to be prepare to get those reagents to save in share bank so you don't have to worry about in future.

Like I said I am still gather reagents as I needed for future just in case, the reasons are I put all reagents in share bank which are so easy for us to see what we have.  I like to add the quote of my friend who advice:

“I use my shared bank for ALL reagents that I know will be needed by
 any of my wizards for crafting: black lotus, black pearls, blood moss, cattails, 
deep mushrooms, diamonds, frost flowers, mist wood, nightshade, ore, red mandrake,
 sandstone, sun stone, etc. That way they have a one stop shop to pick up 
what they need when it's time for them to do their individual crafting. 
Whatever makes things more efficient. It's a lot easier for me than having to log 
off & on 6 wiz to check their packs. ” 

It is very good advice from her.  When she told me about reagents in share bank, I started there since her advice help me lot.  Thank you, SorceressMiklai!

There are many questions that we want to know as "what if."

        ~What if new crafting quest are required new reagents?

       ~What if new recipes are required those new reagents for gears, amulets, wands, deck 
          or/and stuff later as lvl 90 or 100 that are better stats than our levels?

That questions we don't know yet but my suggestion is get start to gather new reagents now while you play and save reagents in share bank.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!