Thursday, May 31, 2012

Red Cap Pet

Hello again,

Yes, you heard me, it is new pet called Red Cap.  You can fight that boss name Jotun in Hall of Valor, Grizzleheim.  I got it after third round fight.  Good luck to farming!

I have proof is here:

 You will see "Red Cap," that is pet.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Game Kiosk: Scavenger Hunt!

Hello again,

I would like to share and remind you that test realm is ready and still online.  What is Scavenger Hunt?  Well, I tried few times and I enjoyed it.  It is more like you have to find "Zeke's side quests": Smith, Beetle, Stray Cat, Wallflower, Blue Oyster Clam, Stone Rose, Lounging Lizard, Trogg,Sock Monkey, Black Crow and Yard Bird. Just warning you all that stone rose and wallflower won't be in game, maybe new zeke's quests in future may not add as well.  Here are the pictures I took and post to share.  I hope you enjoy to read this.

You can find the link at Wizard101:
But find "Let the hunt begin!"  That where you can read at.

In test realm, the cost crown is 2500.  But be aware of that, it will be crafted very soon.  I don't know what kind of recipe yet.  But I believe that new reagents will part of this recipe.  Just be careful and be prepare to save those reagents in future.  And also be warning, it is possible that Scavenger Hunt kiosk will be part of one new pack later.... I don't want to set the gossip about it but I has feeling that it will be in pack somehow.   But just watch out for it come to live.  For crafters who can't afford crowns or other, suggest start to save reagents in future.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Advice: Lost items!

Hello again,

I would like to make suggest to check your backpack often.  If your backpack get max like 80 or 120, please make sure clean up as you can as often.  The best number as you can stay is 50 or low but for 80 try to less than that because of you need gears, wands, pets, decks and mount.  

Yesterday (May 22, 2012) my friend lost two seeds out of 9 crown seeds.  We suggested to make sure check your backpack and banks. He checked bank as well and found two in bank.

 If both are max, please clean up.   If both are max as well, if you farming or anywhere to do quests, your items will go poof!  Just be careful to make sure check and clean up.  Please do clean up often as you can.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Vote for the best Title!

Hello again,

I would love to ask you please vote the title for my blog.  Look at poll at left side under about me.  Thank you....  It will stop on Friday May 25, 2012 in afternoon time.

Please please votes the best one.   If you don't like the titles you see, comment that to Blog Title Contest. Thank you.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Advice: Do Quests!

Hello again,

I would like to talk about this topic: Advice: Do Quests!  Why do I want to talk about this?  Hmm, good question. I would like to know why players like to port in Avalon or Zafaria even can't port in Dungeons and try beg for dungeons so we can be level up faster.

Today we has someone who is about lvl 35 want to do dungeons, beg everyone to help out in Avalon.  We told him that we can't help him, we just focus on our quests.  We are busy and we will miss our quests for IRL stuff for one week.  So no wizard101 for us for while.  

I just want to encourage everyone please focus on quests instead focus on dungeons to get level up.  If you do focus on quests you will finish than you think.  If you focus on dungeons and never doing quests, beg everyone to help, but it won't happen one hundred percent, you may not finish for your goal(s).   Please focus on quests easy and keep going.  Once you get there, you will be happy to complete your quests and focus on farming or pet training or whatever you can do.

Remember, summer is coming soon, even your family may not allow you play wizard101 or other games that may be limit times of your.  So do not waste your times for looking for help and do dungeons.  Just focus on your stuff.  That you can finish much as you do your best.

So, remember my advice: do quests instead of level up.  Thank you.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Quests Group Better than Solo!

Hello again,

I just want to warn to all of you that when you enter to Dragonspyre, Celestria, Zafaria and Avalon, maybe all worlds, you need quest buddy or group that do same quests instead of ask someone, "can you help me?" or "Port" without explaining.  I think it is the best idea to have a buddy or group to stay for quests instead to ask everyone that not help you at all.  That way you will have team who will help each other instead of do solo quests ask for help even they are too busy or can't help.

The rules are for Quest Group:

1- Set the times for group that can meet and get start.
2-Make sure each of players clean backpack, treasure cards and other up.
3-Make sure the decks set up.
4-Make sure to ask how long to do quests.
5-Most important is the communication.
6-Have fun!

I am give you the example of Icy and I doing our quests.  We do have time limit everyday as one to two hours per day, it is depends on our irl stuff.  We make sure to talk the plans ahead of times that we can or can't play. Like I told her few days I can't play because of my son's "surgery" or appointment or school stuff, like she has irl need to focus.  We understand each other what, which, and when we need to focus irl.  But we do our best to complete quests much as we can.  We are not perfect people.  As long we enjoy our company each other.  We don't like to use henchmen that cost too much money and we rather to have friends to have fun and focus on quests/dungeons and other stuff.

I do have other wizards that I want to finish as well, but I do not hurry for anything quests or other.  I am just relax.  Of course I want to finish, so I can focus other stuff as well.   I am not worry about that.  I am not like Kelsey Fireheart who did lot of wizards and other stuff.

Other reasons are that dungeons we can't port in after we reach quests to finish it.  Even people can't help you as they can't port in dungeons.  Bad luck at Dragonspyre, Zafaria, Avalon and your own school spell quests that can't let everyone port in.  Once you enter the dungeon, your friends can't port in.  We need to complete quests before enter dungeons.  So be careful to think about this problems.  That why Wizard101/Kingsisle want us to stay group doing quests easy than just solo.

Please think about yourself that worth of your times and quests with people or yourself.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Study New Reagents Update!

Hello again, (For ALL Wizard101 Only)

After Avalon released, the new reagents are Amber, Vine and Braided Vines.

I would like to share with you what I did with few seeds so far. I do have five out of six wizards in one account that focus on gardening at the moment.  But warning some of plants drop very rare like I planted 32 Frozen Fly Trap, when they reached elder, I got 3 vines out of 32 seeds.  No kidding!  Just Warning to all of you.


Moon Flower (1)

Burning Snap (27)
Almost Elder, will let you know. ;)


Frozen Fly Trap (42)
Yes at elder, they drop vine.


Prickly Bear Cactus
Almost Elder
No new reagents
most snacks but snacks will help you to sell gold as you needed

Pink Dandelion (6)
without like, see how long it last.

Deadly Ninja Fig (9)
without like, see how long it last.


Snap Dragon (9)

Helephant Ears (32)


Ivy Leagues (12)

For those seeds, I am researching on those seeds to drop items and how long it last without likes and with likes.  That I am try to set up for my website.  Website has to be wait until I am trying to finish all seeds to researching 57 seeds.  But not all 57 seeds that I will have to study.  Oh well.......   Wish me good luck for researching on them.

Other reason I am gather reagents to max in share bank that you may know why I am doing this.  That way I don't have to worry about reagents in future when it come to next new worlds or whatever that will be.  I am try to help you to understand why I am doing this for everyone to understand and start gather reagents to save it for future.  Please do it for yourself as gardener and crafter.  DO NOT SELL REAGENTS unless max as full, you can sell some back to bazaar and if you need gold, try not sell reagents.  

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Avalon: Seeds Drop!

Hello again,

Good news for non-crown players who can't afford the crowns or seeds that drop mega snacks.  The seeds drop in Avalon are Evil Magma Peas and Deadly Helephant Ears, (of course there are few seeds from crowns drop as well). Some people said that all of bosses drop those seeds, so keep your eyes on those seeds and bosses names when and whoever drop the seeds.

Do you remember my "$$$ on Mega Snacks Pack"?  Its explained about compare mega snack pack and seeds.

If you really wanted those seeds that drop mega snacks, save your crowns, go farming at Avalon, the bosses are drop those seeds.  But I suggest to finish Avalon, then focus on farming later.  Which will be easier for your plans.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

How to Use Pet Snacks!

Hello again, (for all wizard101)

I would like to share this topic: How to Use Pet Snacks!  Well, I am sure that some of you used packs that give pet snacks but can't sell in bazaar.  Here is the link of Kelsey Fireheart's: No Auction Pet Snacks

Anyway, Avalon is here!  So you can delete that pet snacks.  But wait, wait a minutes!  I have idea for everyone.

My idea is use them for pet from baby to teen easy way to feed instead delete it off.  Save your times to remove all snacks even not sell in bazaar.  Use them to feed at baby pet until teen, use them or mega snacks that dropped from crown seeds.

Your choice!  It is up to you!

If you really need energy for pet or gardening, do training pet before you doing quests while you can, when you will level up, the energy will refill itself.  If you have time to training pet before quests and after that will be fine, but if you have gardening, try balance both.  Or have few wizards use gardening and few wizards use pets.   

Your wizards and your decision!

Warning: When you reach level 80, the refill of Health, Energy and XP are freeze until next new worlds.  So, just be careful with energy as you can.  

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

OH. MY. GAMMA!!! Friendly!

Hello again,

First of all, Congratulations on Friendly Necromancer who got Pirate101 Community Manager!  He has his blog to explaining about how he got it.  Awesome Job, Friendly Tom!

 The Friendly Necromancer: Ding! New Badge Earned!

Massively has interview with Friendly, here is the link:  Massively: Wizard101 fansite owner hired to be Pirate101's community manager

He really earned it!  Good luck for Future!  =-)

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tips: One in a Million Badge!

Hello again,

I would like to talk about the Badge of "One in a Million."  I am sure that some of you wonder what is that badge "One in a Million."  All (only one person) you have to hit one million damage on one boss or any kind of bosses/minions.

Well, I am make the lists what you should to be prepare to have and ready to hit.  Pssstttt...... If you don't have those, try ask your friends to help out to find those Treasure cards or/and other stuff that I made the lists.  Good Luck!

Treasure Cards:

Balance Blade
Elemental Traps
Elemental Blades
Spirital Traps
Spirital Blades
Your own school blade and trap

(Some traps or/and blades has different number percent, watch carefully, I found two curse with two different percents, it may be working but I have not try it. So watch for them in bazaar, gardening or crafting)

Here are the list that can be helpful:

+Have a few friends help you. (Very helpful tip: Use Death and Balance who has lot of good traps and blades, not treasure cards only)

+Have pets that have all talents or some like Hexster, Curse Giver, Feinting Spell or/and Pets come with blades or traps.

+Have Amulets that have traps or/and blades.  If you got it from bosses or find in bazaar, remember they are not cheap.

+Have gears that has traps and blades, and your own school gears with blade/trap crafting from Wintertusk.  If you want to know where to find gears with names.  Please let me know I will make the list asap.  Thank you.

+Make sure you add pierce/shatter, Treasure cards, your school spells as your attack(s), trap(s), blade(s) or/and Sun spells.

If you think of something, please add the comment(s).  Thank you.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Blog Title Contest

Hello again,

I am still struggle for my title with banner, background and still working on website which is slowly.  Sorry to keep you waiting for it... but it will be ready when I will make announce.   I may need your help for suggest the title that I am going to make for Wizard101 and Pirate101.  I am not in Beta Test for Pirate101 yet.... but I just want to be prepare for banner to put it up until Pirate 101 come to live.

This banner I been working on.

The title I am thinking of:

Diana's Exploration Journal: The Secrets and Tips of Crafting and Gardening

Remember this is for Wizard101 and Pirate101.  Of course, most main game is Wizard101.  When Pirate101 come to live, we will see......

I am ask you to help me to have suggest for title if you think better than my idea.  If you make suggest for title, I will have poll later before sunday.  So I can let everyone vote for the best title fit me and my blog.  I will gift the packs of your choose or seeds by the winner whoever suggest.   Please comment the suggest the title.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!