Monday, October 29, 2012

Azteca Test Realm: Transcendent Crafter

~Warning: Azteca Test Realm~
It may will change the recipes or else. 
 So just in case to be prepare before it will come to live.

Hello again,

It been a while that I don't doing Wizard101 online much but now I am share the test realm: Transcendent Crafter that has recipe that some of you can't access because of Zafaria craft quest to need to be done.  So here that I can share with you.  You can find Oztomeca in Three Points, Azteca

The recipe is "Eagle War Shield."

Cost: 120000 Gold
Timer: 012:00:00 for non-members
Table Station: Housing Crafting Station

The Ingredients you need to gather:

2 Phoenix TC
2 Ra TC
2 Agave Leaves
5 Agave Nectar
10 Scrap Iron
4 Golden Pearl
10 Leather Straps
5 Turquoise

For few items that you need to find: Agave Leaves and Agave Nectar at Mangrave Marsh, and Turquoise will drop by bosses in Azteca.

If you want to add the comment to this Azteca Crafting Quest, please do!  Thank you!

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Update September 17, 2012

Hello again,

I am back but not 100% back for few reasons:


Our condo has two offers, but we accepted one.  Since we waiting for some offices to approval our agreements.   So after it get approval, we will looking around the houses that we want to live for at least few years or so.  


Our internet drive us so crazy that keep kick us off.  I try focus on Wizard101 few times but internet not great.  I think our wireless start fall apart.  But we going to wait until after we move to other house and get new wireless system for our new home.

"12 Weeks Contest"

It has to postponed until further notice.  Like I said about my topics are Moving and Internet.  So maybe after moving and set up everything at new home, when it get calm down, will start that contest.  All right?

"Congratulation to Official Fansites"

PVP Central (no link yet)????

I want to say congratulation to all fansites.   =)

"Blog Posts Plans"

I do have some plans for my blog posts: Gardening 303, Crafting 202, Are You Boring at Wizard101?, Reach Garden Rank Faster and Dungeon Advice..... that are my plans in few months.  Please don't steal my topics.  Thank you.

Other plan is I am working on my death wizard which is lvl 8 that try reach lvl 15 to start gardening research for Stars of the Spiral.  Yes, I am site manager for Stars of the Spiral.  I give my permission for SotS have my information when I type in blog before post in SotS. Don't hurt them.  We working hard that we try improve our community site SotS, not just for Kelsey Fireheart or Diana Wildheart but for everyone in community of Pirate101 and Wizard101.

"Pirate101 News"

Pirate101 will release about early October.  I give you the link which is easy for you to go and read there instead for me to type, okay?  I give the credit to that person who released the news of Pirate101.  :)  Avast! KingsIsle Announces Pirate101 Launch Date & Pre-Sale  and check the two Pre-sale Bundles out!

My hubby will give me that bundle for my birthday gift that we have not decide yet.  I was thinking of Barnes and Noble gift card, new glasses or other but perfect timing for new pirate101 bundle.  That what I wanted for my birthday.   =D

Anyway, that is my update for my blog since August.  I am so sorry I been busy lately, not update since.  

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Update Share 8-7-12

Hello again,

I been busy to focus on home and few things to take care of.  Once kids going back to school, I can focus on Wizard101 and Pirate101, help Kelsey Fireheart with Stars of the Spiral website.  But I just want to share few news since.

My son's eye:

Since I been talking about my son's eye few times in this blog posts in past, but recently we went to see his eye doctor and she told us that great news about my son's eye that has improved and no leaks lately.  Will keep check his eye once in while.  For me, I hope no surgery for while. ;D  But his left eye still has blur which still get times to adjust before he can see with both eyes.  He still has scar tissues inside of his left eye, so we don't know if that  is possible to have surgery to fix that or not.  We will see for next appointment.  

Paige's Dorm Contest:

Well, Congrats to all winners and whoever got 5k crowns still are winners!  But anyway, I did not win but I enjoyed decoration my dorm room.  I would like to share my pictures that I been working on my dorm.  =D

"Hello, welcome to “Back to the Future” store. I am Diana Wildheart, your tailor.  I show you the clothes that are from past to future, you really want to have those style of clothing in related to the time. There are few clothes on shelves and floor that you are looking for right kind of clothing.  If you think you want clothes in past, the few example are Ronan Warrior, Knight, Sultan gears, and princess gears.  If you think you want clothes in future, there are examples like Celestian gears. 

I am using the O ring above the door as my security alarm for whoever try to steal my stuff and clothes. The suitcase is near clothes where I can pack before going anywhere to share my works.    I chose the Kimono with red trim, thought to fit with my Koi pond with three bamboo fountain float in air make this room so calm and serenity.   I thought I like that King Parsley which remind me of King Elvis in past and also my helper."

Laptop of mine:

Sad news that my laptop fell down few times, it get worst when I try play game or working on project, it turn down by itself.  That I can't do anything more.  But my husband will get one part for a computer hard drive to fix so I can use computer instead of my laptop.  I asked for new but he refused. :/  Well, I am not worry about new laptop but I can wait until next year or so.  I am try to save money for other reasons.    

Process to Sell Home:

Um, well, we are process to sell our home to move for better home with backyard for kids to play, few reasons are that I can play laptop outside while kids play and near my husband's work.  Other reason that I don't play much during daytime are kids and have to keep this home clean before the agents show their clients which is not easy with two kids make mess at home.  Other reason is my website project has to be on hold until calm down at new home or whatever we will be at.  My mind can't focus too many like clean home, focus on kids and working on projects.  

I am so sorry to make you wait for my website but it will be ready when I will post it up.    The choice of garden info that everyone voted are number 2, I wish that everyone should vote in my blog but I counted some people who said in twitter and email.  So Number 2 is the best way for me to show garden info for all seeds.  Thank you for voted! :)

That's all for my update share!

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Friday, July 20, 2012

New Poll for seeds page


Hello again,

I would like to have your help/option about my website that I been working on but I wish that website allow the charts.

You have to choice one of those two pictures I post later in this page, the poll is on left side.  Thank you.

#1: All information will be in one page, but different page for each seeds


#2: Have the names list as long as you click the button of name of seeds,

it will get you to the page of this link that I been working since August 2011 in my blog: (for example) Couch Potatoes and all seeds in my blog not my website as wix dot com.

Make senses?

Go vote!  Choose one of those.  I need your help and option about that.  Thank you.

If you want to make comment about this page, please do!

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DoaW: 3rd Annual Ravenwood Ball & Birthday Bash

Hello again,

I would like to get that point to the link of Diary of a Wizard that has 3rd Annual Ravenwood & Birthday Bash which is coming soon: DoaW: 3rd Annual Ravenwood Ball& Birthday Bash.  I like to everyone check there out.  I am not explain everything but Diary of a Wizard has really good everything to explaining.  Go and enjoy to read and enter lot of contests!  Good Luck to win!

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Thinking of 12WCC!


Hello again,

I have been thinking about "12 weeks Challenges Contest" as 12WCC.  I am sure that many of you think what is that "12 weeks Challenges Contest."  Well, I am thinking to have at least one week challenge for you to do complete before end of the week which last 12 weeks mean 12 challenges to win the grand prize(s).  If you do complete, I will approve as you move on.  If you don't complete, well, sorry.  It is part of challenge contest. I am warning to you that the challenges will be trivia, puzzles, crafting/gardening, badge challenge and mazes. It will start later this fall.

I am thinking of the prizes are 30k crowns(?), Pagoda Dungeon Bundle (new bundle that not release yet), $20 Gift Card, $10 Gift Card and choice of few prizes like seeds, packs and whatever that price decide.  (Pssstttt...... If you want to donate the prizes or codes that will show your names to be credit, please email to

I have few questions for you to think about.  If you can share the comments to answer the questions for me?

~Do you think that 12 weeks challenge too long for that good prizes?

~Do you think that prizes are good enough for 12 weeks? If no, suggest what prizes?

~What challenge do you like to see for this contest?

Please leave the comment or have concern/questions to this blog so I can review and answer before start this fall.  Thank you.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Community Supportive!

For KingsIsle Community:

Hello again,

I just want to point to that link from Valerian. When Valerian posted the "Wizard Stories of Supportive Friends" that I read and I am suggest to you please to share the experience of your life which were or still struggle, please post there.  Not my blog, but want to share over there.  Thank you.

It made me thinking hard since I read that link of Valerian's blog.  I give the credit to him make me think hard since we found out that my son has little problem with eye called Coat's Disease. I just wanted to share my experience of my family problems in 2012. I knew that we will be struggle with times for doctor's appointments, surgeries, therapy, bills/debts and health problems as like tired, sickness, and my husband's kidney stone. In past post I put the post of talk about my son's news.  Well, we passed of 6 months past of 2012: 5 surgeries, lot of times visit Doctor appointments with long hours of waiting (which I lost counts since) and exhausting time to watch over my family to get better.  I am grateful for irl families, friends and this KingIsle community who prayed and still praying, support of need and be there as spirit for us.

The reason I loved to read Valerian's post about "Wizard Stories of Supportive Friends, it made me feel like I am not alone, he needed help, everyone need help, and I need help as well.  Everyone has their own problems, struggles and need supportive.  It is amazing to see this community who pray for us who needed help.  If you have problems or need support, ask us in twitter, we will do our best to be there as spirit and thinking of you.

Since my son has little problem with Coat's disease in few months ago, well, almost a year ago, we didn't know and not understand what my son said about his eye that he can't see, but we didn't know until about December 2011 that we made the appointment for general eye doctor to check our eyes, we found out about that rare kind of disease.  We were so sad but we kept going, we don't give up.  We has supportive from IRL families and friends, after I made announcement about my son in my blog and my IRL families, wanted to share that to you which my times are little for wizard101 but do my best times to share information from test realm, crafting, gardening and other stuff as you need to know.  I feel so supportive and so strong from you as Wizard101 Players.  You made me keep going, never give up and feel love, care and kind.  Yes, I been struggle as mother of my son, has to accept as he has coat's disease.  I has emotional up and down.  I been thinking of him since he is my son.  I do have my daughter, she is fine as well, sometimes stubborn like me, haha.... well, I sometimes feel like I am weak and exhausting since we found out. But in few days ago, that doctor checked his eye after surgery, she is so happy and she said that my son's eye is improved than before.  She said his eye doing great, much better than last time.  I was relief but I don't know if still more surgeries in next 6 or 12 months later.  Doctor warned to us as I remembered said about one year to 18 months that still process of eye develop as needed therapy, surgery and other stuff that they doing.  It is still very challenge for us.  We been through 5 surgeries and lot of times with appointments for half of year 2012. But I want to point to this community make me strong and keep going.  I just want to say thank you for your supportive and be there as spirit for me and my family.

Recently about one month ago, my husband has kidney stone, it was so frustrating that my son has surgery and my husband been in pain.  It was hard and challenge for me to take care of all family members who were sick, in pain or need attention.  But I love my family no matter what they sometimes give me hard time but they let me take little break once in while.  I loved them so much!  I never give up on them.

 All I wanted to let you know that
You are not alone! 
Never give up!
Our community spirit keep you to be strong and keep going!
You are not alone!

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Future Crafting Quests with New Reagents


Hello again,

Many of you wonder why I use that title for future Crafting quests with new reagents as:

~Amber Dust
~Braided Vine
~Merle's Whisker

I would like to set the advice for everyone to be prepare to get those reagents to save in share bank so you don't have to worry about in future.

Like I said I am still gather reagents as I needed for future just in case, the reasons are I put all reagents in share bank which are so easy for us to see what we have.  I like to add the quote of my friend who advice:

“I use my shared bank for ALL reagents that I know will be needed by
 any of my wizards for crafting: black lotus, black pearls, blood moss, cattails, 
deep mushrooms, diamonds, frost flowers, mist wood, nightshade, ore, red mandrake,
 sandstone, sun stone, etc. That way they have a one stop shop to pick up 
what they need when it's time for them to do their individual crafting. 
Whatever makes things more efficient. It's a lot easier for me than having to log 
off & on 6 wiz to check their packs. ” 

It is very good advice from her.  When she told me about reagents in share bank, I started there since her advice help me lot.  Thank you, SorceressMiklai!

There are many questions that we want to know as "what if."

        ~What if new crafting quest are required new reagents?

       ~What if new recipes are required those new reagents for gears, amulets, wands, deck 
          or/and stuff later as lvl 90 or 100 that are better stats than our levels?

That questions we don't know yet but my suggestion is get start to gather new reagents now while you play and save reagents in share bank.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Wizard101's Short Epic Video

Hello again,

I would like to share this link that anyone can watch again and again.  I wish it will be a movie like that.  Enjoy!

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Signature! 2012

Hello again,

I would like to share my new signature to you.  Enjoy my art.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Confused for P101 Closed Beta? (Updated!)


Hello again,

Few days ago, a friend in twitter asked: Who all here is a beta tester for #Pirate101? We talked about that NONE of us are beta tester YET!  So I have few questions for you:

~Are you confused by rumor or hear from friend(s) or Website like facebook or twitter?

~Are you confused by email for Pirate101?

If all questions are answers is yes.  Well, I would like to point to clearly say:

"We will make an announcement through the Pirate101 website and Facebook page 
before we send out Official Beta Invitations.  If your account is selected for participation in 
Beta testing, you will receive an official email from KingsIsle." 
(Under P101 Q/A: When will I know if I can play in the Closed Beta?)  Pirate101 Q/A

A friend heard about "every Tuesday they raffled 10 players for Pirate101 Closed Beta."  It is not true. Again, said above the announcement. 

I heard few people said, "I got one email from," which is so confused to all of us, but they send the messages about update, news and stuff that we wanted to know.  Not Closed Beta application or something.  When you apply for drawing for Closed Beta, here is the proof, but read carefully:

~ Thanks for your Interest!
Your interest in the Pirate101 Closed Beta has been confirmed.  
You have been entered in the beta drawing and been opted into KingsIsle Entertainment emails!

Keep an eye out for Exclusive Pirate101 pre-launch email, where you can get a 
sneak peek of developing Pirate101 contest like pets, ship updates, worlds and much more!

To change your email preferences, click the "My Account." ~

I am advice to you, please listen/read to, they will make announcement later.  Please, Please, Please stop listen "rumors about Pirate101, raffle/drawing or other."  Listen/read through KingsIsle, Pirate101 and Wizard101.  They will tell you what's up, news, sneak-peek, and Closed Beta players.  Thank you.

I hope this blog and answered your questions and your concerns.  

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

P.S.  Just updated!  Pirate101 has commented on their FB: "A release date has not yet been announced. We will make an announcement through the Pirate101 website and Facebook page before we send out official Beta invitations. If your account is selected for participation in Beta testing, you will receive an official email from KingsIsle."

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Amber Transmute! and Test Realm!


Hello again,

I would like to say that test realm is here but only for one day to test them out.  It is your chance to do check test realm at Wizard101, link is

Yes, you heard me!  Amber Transmute finally is here.

Let me show you where and who has it.

If you see that green arrow that where he is at.

Meet Shane MaCGobhann!

He has amber transmute, dagger, amulet and boots recipes.  

Here is an Amber Transmute:

Amber Transmute:
Required: Legendary Artisan Badge
Gold: 2000
Crafting Station: Card Crafting Station
Timer: 000:00:30

Ingredient required:
5 Merle's Beard
5 Amber Dust
15 Sunstone
10 Golden Pearl

I was like "WOW" where can I find those two new reagents?  Well, test realm notes explaining: 

If can't read but you can click this image to make large.

But I can type what they said.  Amber Dust and another mystery reagent are available from bosses like the Pendragon, Morganthe and Starburst Spider as well as bosses in Waterworks and Briskbreeze towers.
Hmm...... dungeons are long way to do gather those new reagents.  Unless you prefer faster way.  

But I rather do gardening in my opinion but it is up to you.  The best garden that you can gather are: White Tiger Lily, Deadly Ninja Fig, King Parsley, Red Bell Pepper and Red Huckleberries.  

One of my many goals is gather lot of reagents to max in share bank, you never know "what if" in future for crafting quests or new recipes need those reagents.  So all I need most are Fossils and Amber, now added to my new list for those new reagents.  If you think that way to be smart, then do it.  If you don't want to max, then don't do it.  One of my many goals that I really wanted to make mannequins to take clothes out of bank to dress up in house so I can save some stuff as I needed.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Treasure Hunt Fun for Summer 2012


Hello again,

Can you pretend to be pirate and do treasure hunting? Or make map treasure hunt?  Or make homemade notebook and stamp?  Here is it!

I been thinking and researching something, I thought why not for fun for everyone, families or someone who are boring but so ready for Pirate101 game to come to live.  Be warning, this is not contest.  I will add the links and I will explain on each links.  Hope it will help you, have fun and keep busy.

Compass Treasure Hunt:
           * This lesson has people review and practice their knowledge of compass directions.  They will do several brief exercises to practice using directions in their community and on maps, and conclude by creating a treasure hunt for other people to take. *

      Geocaching is an outdoor sporting activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", anywhere in the world. *

      * Letterboxing is an outdoor hobby that combines elements of orienting, art, and puzzle solving. Letterboxers hide small, weatherproof boxes in publicly accessible places (like parks) and distribute clues to finding the box in printed catalogs, on one of several websites or by word of mouth. Individual letterboxes usually contain a notebook and a rubber stamp. *

Treasure Hunt: (You can find google on Treasure Hunt that can give lot of different links and ideas.)
      * treasure hunt is one of many different types of games which can have one or more players who try to find hidden articles, locations or places by using a series of clues. Treasure hunt games may be an indoor or outdoor activity. Outdoors they can be played in a garden or the treasure could be located anywhere around the world. *

Well, I hope you will enjoy to do this for your families and friends to have fun and keep busy instead waiting for Pirate101 come to live online.  

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day 2012

Hello again,

* Roll Down for answer! *

I believe that fathers are struggle to support family together, hard working, make money for needed, don't give up, protect family, cooking, and show care and love to family. Fathers are awesome and wonderful to care and love.  Thank you!   I would like to share the history of Father's day, that I may suggest for this link:'s_Day, please read this.

My kids made this ties for their daddy from church today that Primary children make them.

Blue and green circle with face is my son made, the hearts from my daughter.


I asked my husband what does he want from us. He told me that he rather us to make something or cooking or crafting or else that are free and not make this home clutter.  It make me thinking of my mother who has 11 siblings (no joking!) that her father made small amount money for one year, every year that her father paid for mortgage, church money, food and needed.  But not much gifts like birthday or Christmas, they has to make something to gift each other instead buy something may not worth to them.   They were poor that time in past.   They were hard working, farming, take care of animals and they were so happy even don't need stuff buy from stores or whatever.    I am try to improve our homes style for this family that we try to do crafting to gift instead of buy stuff that may not need.  

Here is the idea for free to make "Happy Father's day" card:

Thought it will help you to thinking maybe do crafting instead of buy something for father next year.  I noticed in twitter very few made cards after I posted the card idea.  I hope the fathers like it.

Again, I want to say: 

    I <3 U, all fathers who <3       

Oh, by the way, can you guess what did my son make the design for his daddy's tie in the picture I just posted in this blog?  If you guess right by tonight, I will give you three choice of packs, if not by tonight, too bad. Just comment this blog. I will read.  I will announce in next morning.  ;-)

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

The little contest of my son made the design for his daddy is.....................................................

                                                Angry Birds!

The Winner is Alex Griffinsong! (am I right, Sarai?)

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pixie's Enchanted Gears

Hello again,

I would like to add the information about Pixie's Enchanted Gears from Hoard of the Hydra Pack, that has energy gears.  When you use which level wizard will open the pack, it will show you which this stat show.

Gray circle is the title of gear you will see from pack.

Pink circle is the how many energy total in one gear.

Green circle is the level for wizard.

Anyway, I just figured out I thought why not to share the chart which the Hydra Pack give to each wizards with their levels prefer.

Pixie’s Enchanted Gears
Total of Energy:

So this chart will help you to think which is the best for your needed of training pets or do gardening or both.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Father's Day Card (FREE)

Hello again,

I would like to share this card I made but color yourself to give your father, daddy, grandfather and any man in your family.

Try copy this picture, save as JPEG and try print it out. Color, then cut line out.  Enjoy! =)

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Friday, June 15, 2012

P101 Youtube of DadLabs dot Com with CC

Hello again,

I would like to explain how to set the closed caption for hard of hearing and deaf. What is the Closed Caption?  Well, let me bring the link to you easy way to understand instead of I type.  Hope it help you understand why we used this all time.

Anyway, back to DadLabs dot com, that has blogs, videos and stuff.

But video is there with Pirate101.  But you noticed that bottom of video don't have closed caption, hmm.... there is other choice is youtube can show CC.  Here is it:

Do you know how to turn CC on and try get CC on?  Well, let me show you how to set up.

See that white words on youtube? That is Audio with Closed Caption.

See the bottom of youtube that have option.  See red box of CC?

OKay, turn CC on, then click on Transcribe Audio, it will show Closed Caption.

There you go!

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Title for Pirate101/Wizard101!

Hello again,

I would like to make announcement about my new title that community voted.

 So the title is


Diana Wildheart: Tips Beyond the Spiral!

Now I make the progress of my banner for my blog. I am still struggle about left side of my banner that I am try focus on P101 NPC character or ship or what do you suggest for it.

 Here is it!

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

Pssttt.... I may will change my signature soon after I done with my banner.  =)

Mythspent Youth: Short Story contest.

Hello again,

Here is the link of Mythspent Youth blog:     Congratulations on those winners! =)

I won Mulberry Hound Pet, 5k crowns and Energy Elixir. I would like to say thank you so much for prizes that I won.  I was hope for tag game, oh well.... I tried to win for it.  But thank you!

Now I am going to share my story, enjoy to read!

Diana and The Three Wizards
Once a upon time, there were a little life wizard name is Diana with her pet polar cat named Gigi, wandering around in Pet Hatchery and looking around for right pet.  
I saw the Fire Wizard named Kelsey Fireheart with her pet Fire Beetle.  She showed me lot of pets, so she offered 3 beetles, Fire beetle, Ice Beetle and Life Scarab.  So I try fire beetle, I felt like I get warmer, then hot,I said, “Woah!  This beetle is too flame!  Let me try your ice beetle, please?”  So she let me try Ice beetle for few minutes.  My body get feeling cool, then cold.  I said, “this beetle is too cold! Let me try your life scarab, please?”  I tried her life scarab, I thinking and I try run and walk around.  I told her, “this scarab is just right for me. Can we hatch, please?”  Then we hatched, we failed to not trade the pets as we wanted. Sigh…..  So I thanked to her for let me try and hatch. 
I wandered around at Pet Hatchery and still looking for right pet.  I saw the Ice Wizard named Alexander Lionheart with his pet Colossus.  He showed me few pets, he offered three colossus pets.  I tried his pet silver colossus, then I realized it is too hard.  I said, “this colossus is too hard, let me try other colossus, please?”  He let me tried the Bolt colossus, I tried run and walk around but it keep shock and thundering to me. I said, “Yikes!  This colossus is too thunder, let me try other colossus, please?”  He let me try the Earth Walker, I tried test on Earth Walker, I am thinking and said, “Hmm….. I like this, this Earth Walker is just right. Can we hatch, please?”  We hatched, and we got pets as we wanted.  I thanked him for let me trying and hatch. 
I go training my new pet Earth Walker slowly with my snacks, (no mega snacks yet) to teen, got spritely, then Adult, got health gift.   Grrrr, failing, I was not keep going to training my pet, not the talents as I wanted to have for my pet.  So I wandered around at Pet Hatchery and looking around for right pet. 
I saw the Myth Wizard named Heather Raven, she has her pet myth Minotaur.  I asked her if she has some pets to show me.  She showed me her pets.  She showed me three minotaur, so I wanted to try her minotaur at first is myth minotaur.  I tested it out, then I said to Heather, “this myth minotaur is too suspicious, let me try your other minotaur, please?”  She let me try her death minotaur.  I run and walk around with death minotaur.  I told her, “Yikes, this minotaur is too frightening for me, let me try other minotaur, please?”   So she let me try her life minotaur.  I tried to learn and run around with it.  I said, “This minotaur is just right for me, can we hatch?”  We hatched and we got the right pets as we wanted.  I thanked to her for let me trying and hatching pets. 
I was thinking, Hmm, how can I skip training and get it to epic?  I just remembered that someone told me try skip dance, feed mega snack to your pet, and refill energy potion, this is cheating and faster trick. So I paid lot of mega snacks pack to training my pet, skip dance then feed mega snack and refilled energy potion.  It got epic, but the talents failed me, not what I wanted. 
All three pets failed me.  Oh, what can I find the right pet?  Sigh……..


I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!