Friday, March 25, 2011

Diana Wildheart and Kelsey Fireheart's 1st Wizaversary

Hello again,

Kelsey Fireheart and I have our 1st Wizaversary coming soon.  My date will be on March 27th.  Kelsey's date will be on March 29th. 

We will have party this Saturday March 26th evening time at 5pm to 10pm (MST).  

7pm (EST)/6pm (CST)/5pm (MST)/4pm (PST)

You are welcome to come!  Have fun at pvp and explore at Diana's MFP.   

Meet at Life Tower, Realm Satyr (If it is full, will be TBA one hour before time start) time 4:30pm (MST) meet my Port Bus Angel Wildheart.

There are some rules I like to explain: (P.S.Remember this is Family-Friendly game)

NO Cursing or swearing!
NO bother at PVP arena while they in fight!
NO yelling but Diana Wildheart and Kelsey Fireheart can!
Have fun!

If you don't follow the rules, Diana Wildheart will boot you out.

Good Luck!

\|m/ Diana Wildheart

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