Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Time to Know About Diana Wildheart!

Hello again,

How rude I am, so I am really sorry to not introduce myself, so I would like to share how I found out about this game, wizard101.

My name is Diana Wildheart, I am Legendary Theurgist, Grandmaster Gardener, Grandmaster Artisan and also PVP Warlord.  Theurgist is my main wizard.  You may notice that I use my theurgist most of time.

I love Moo Shu where there are so peaceful.  When Wintertusk come out, that place will be my favorite place.  :D

I, myself, love to help out with people who have hard time and don't know about crafts and gardening.  And also I am glad to help everyone who need help with quests, too.  My job description is about healing and sometimes attack if need, as you face school fit you that problem. ;-) 

I love to play games.  That time I was hopping around different kind of games I like to play but limit with money.  So only few games we can play and access for free, I can't say name all games.  I been in facebook and I so crazy over one game named Treasure Madness, I played that lot.  One day I played that Treasure Madness, I noticed the ads about Wizard101.  I saw the picture, so I was so curious about it, I clicked on it.

The link go to Wizard101.

So I seen the games.  I am not spoil the surprises this game (I am sure that old players know what this game about.)  Here you can see yourself and enjoy.

Why do I chose Wizard101 over other games?  It is friendly family game.  More fun and that I can afford better. I like to share about free play, crown player, and be a member. Here the link  I am member since May 2010.  I started in March 27, 2010.  Long story about crown, and member.  Plus and con about crown player and member.  That few reasons why I love member because of PVP, longer friends list, and any worlds I can access.

I already have 10 wizards: three are legendary, two masters, and rest are less than lvl 15. (I will explain my wizards soon)  I met lot of good people.

Only one person I met is a wonderful person name Kelsey Fireheart.  We been play this game since more than one year now.   I am glad for her to be there for me when I need or when she need for help.

Here is my friend code: E89LD-2L544-2LTLM-8L685 Redeem this at

Enjoy and Good Luck!

\|m/ Diana Wildheart

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