Tuesday, January 24, 2012

PVP Passing: Good or Bad

Hello again,

I want to share this PVP problem, I noticed about last night that Passing in PVP is good or bad for you to think about.

Here is my experience that you imagine in my wizard in PVP:

Can you imagine as level 18 Ice wizard with health of 1352, with deck, pet with proof, unicorn and spritely talents, gears that good resistant (just 21 percent resistant total) from crowns and also Life 65 damage wand, ready for pvp?

Once you enter pvp, timer was countdown, then ready for pvp.  You started first, you choose any spells to either protect or attack normally as you know about pvp.  

I noticed about that girl name Anna Fireheart, she is commander, and her health is 784.  She is fire wizard and level  5.  She has very good resistant gears.  I don’t know where she get that gears from.  I been researching on it.  But it is not raven or dragon pack.  Anyway, she normally used cards like pvp to use, but she used insane bolt on me, just once.  That not belong to her school, as treasure card, she used it.  Then I normally used cards to make sure shields, attacks, and healing.  That insane bolt hit me, but my pet so crazy and so stubborn healing me with unicorn and spritely, that my pet won’t let me die.

When I used one reshuffle, I keep use cards, then I realized that she keep pass and pass over and over, I about out of cards like 8 left. I never forget what KBB told me about PVP rules:  Be prepare, stop, watch and analyze before you do in pvp.  I don’t think myself that I try to get her off pvp as I can.  But that moment, I realized that, stop, and watch what she doing.  She was not lose connection or away from keyboard.   I knew something not right.  So I followed her “pass” method.  I keep pass as she does keep pass until whoever give up.   Then Fallon Fireheart asked me, why not you use cards?  I told her I refused to use cards since she pass lot of times.  Fallon said why not you use cards? Again to me, I felt like she try win by run out of cards.  And she don’t understand my language that I tried tell her why not she give up the cards and finish pvp.  That was so offend to me.  They don’t understand my English, and they said I was so mean to them.  I knew they are so troll and so selfish to win pvp.  But I decided to stay pvp, keep going as pass.  (My language as I just said about in past post in my blog that I am not good with grammar and writing.  But I am do my best as I can.  I am not perfect.)

I noticed that how she got her badge by insane bolt treasure cards and pass the PVP as she try to get other opponents to run out of cards.

We keep pass each other for about two and half hours.  Little by little hit, shield and healing, left two cards I had.  Fallon Fireheart came back here and said,” haha you can’t beat level 5, so sad.  Haha!” I told her, “ so sad?????? Why not she use card, not pass, just give up?  That is not pvp, more like pass game.”  So that how we got reports over something that they reported on us for no reasons. We don’t swear or do nothing but just talked about what to do with pvp. And she thinking that I am so jealous that I can’t beat level 5 wizard like that.  I told her, “I am not jealous, I just frustrating but patient and waiting until whoever give up first.”  I feel like that she was very ignored us that she don’t listen about game and pvp.  She left. I still waiting here watch my ice wizard to win pvp with honor.  So about half hour later, she gave up.  She decided to use last card.  I won by 24 points for pvp after three hours passed. I got knight badge for pvp. We had like 6 false reports by them.

I am thank you for Morgan UnicornTamer, Eric OwlHeart (Morgan’s friend, now friend with me, too), Allan Nightstone, Reed Lifeheart and few friends who with Morgan and Eric to support and witness me to win PVP. 

I am ask you to thinking about PVP questions that may make you thinking about:

Is passing like 20 times or more in a row as good sportsmanship in pvp?

Is passing as skill to use for pvp?

Is that good for her to win pvp for passing until whoever run the cards out?

If passing more than 20 times, without use cards in row, can Kingsisle automatic kick wizard off?
If yes, that will be nice and fair for pvp.  If no, can you explain why not? That I want to know your opinion, discuss or have theory to share about this pvp that person keep passing, without use cards that try winning. 

I may suggest, don’t do pass in pvp unless you don’t have any good cards that I understand, try discard some to get more treasure cards or waiting next turn.  But do not keep passing.  That won’t be fair for other pvp players.  I just want to let you know that not good sportsmanship to keep passing until you winning.  Unless I understand about the situation like drop ranks to get more tickets and try win pvp, that is okay to pass, but no more than 20 times pass as in a row or three hours passes.  That is not good match for pvp.

I hope this blog to help everyone to think about what can do and don't in pvp.  Please, I ask this to spread the words about "PVP Passers."

I am here for fun to play wizard101 and enjoy PVP as honor.  I don't like people who like winning, rude and not follow the Wizard101 rules.

If you want to add my ice wizard and support pvp with me.  Please let me know through twitter. Thank you.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

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