Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I am back, sort of......

Hello everyone,

I miss you all, my people, friends and fans.

I am back but sort of.....the reasons are I been busy since the internet been limit to access the games which is not fun....but now we have better internet in our new house right now. Busy with two kids and their school.  They loved their new school better than public elementary school.  Busy with two part time jobs: American Sign Language (ASL) teacher and also Deaf Mentor.

What is Deaf Mentor?  Well, I am Deaf and also I am mentor to hearing parents of Deaf child who are not know of Deaf Culture and more....I come to their place once a week and teach them the lessons of ASL and Deaf Culture.

Well, new house, not really new but it is 1987 house.  It is so beautiful and nice to live in.  We have so beautiful backyard.   I wish I can add the picture to share but not this laptop...... Oh well......

We are fine, I sometimes feel fine or so tired.  Right now this week and next week, kind of busy to focus home to clean/organize before my kids will be done with school.

I want to say I miss you all so much... I been thinking of Wizard101 sometimes when I feel like I wanted to play but lot to do at our new house, kids' school and my two part time jobs.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

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