Monday, January 24, 2011

Badge of Wizard101

Hello again,

I am sure that you wonder what is Legendary, what is Theurgist and what is Grandmaster Artisan?

I am glad to share this information. 

When you first time enter wizard in wizard101, you will notice that you are novice on which school you will be choose above your head.  You will get quests, do crafting, and more. You will get experience for your level when you done with quests and other things.

Based on level
  1. Level 1-5: Novice
  2. Level 6-10: Apprentice
  3. Level 10-15: Initiate
  4. Level 15-20: Journeyman
  5. Level 20-30: Adept
  6. Level 30-40: Magus
  7. Level 40-49: Master
  8. Level 50-59: Grandmaster
  9. Level 60: Legendary
Based on school
  1. Life School: Theurgist
  2. Balance School: Sorcerer
  3. Myth School: Conjurer
  4. Fire School: Pyromancer
  5. Death School: Necromancer
  6. Ice School: Thaumaturge
  7. Storm School: Diviner

The badge tasks include:

 - defeating a large number of the same kind of monster
  - defeating towers
 - completing Crafting assignments
 - helping protect an organization.

  The badge that i have on me is grandmaster artisan.  It is for Celestia craft.  I will add more badge for craft names. 

By the way, I have ice wizard named Diana Mistshard.  I will explain more next after this.

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