Monday, January 31, 2011

Worlds of Wizard101

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I am sure that you noticed where is Celestia?  That area I was talking about Grandmaster Artisan for crafting.   Let me explain each world in Wizard101.   There are 7 total worlds.
Here the lists:

Wizard City: Home of the Spiral

                Wizard City is your 1st world to enter to start with quests, PVP, and Pet training.

                When you complete the quests of Wizard City, Merle Ambrose will ask you go to Krokotopia.

Krokotopia:  Lost City of the Witch-Kings

Krokotopia is your 2nd world.  That where you will see deserts, Pyramids, more spells, and more manders.

Marleybone:  Bastion of Science and Canine Nobility

Marleybone is your 3rd world.    You will feel like you are in London.  You will see cars, dogs and cats people and proper manners.

Moo Shu:  Kingdom of Strength, Honor, and Family

Moo Shu is your 4th world.   It is so beautiful place and so peace, but you have to face more ninja pigs and Sammorai. 

Grizzlehelm: Side quests

                Grizzlehelm is your 5th world and “side quests.”  Merle A. will call you when you get level 20.  He will explain about Grizzlehelm, you don’t have to do this quests.  I am warning you  about one area that require level 40, once you done you want to enter but you can’t enter because of Level 40 required.  My suggest is to finish Marleybones and Moo Shu, then you can focus Grizzlehelm.  You can do that if you want to.

Dragonspyre: Ancient, haunted World

                Dragonspyre is your 6th world.  It is so ancient with lavas, dragons, and ghosts.  You will face the Dragon Titan.

Celestia:   Underwater with Star, Moon and Sun world

                Celestia is your 7th World.  It is so beautiful about underwater with dome that we can swim and fight sharks, crabs and storm titans.  Morgathe try to steal the magic.  What will you find there?

If you are so curious to explore the worlds, go to

Good luck!

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  1. Just saying, but I find it much easier to go to Grizzleheim when you are first summoned by Merle at level 20. And do each quest as you get summons to do so, per level. This way it doesn't feel like you're grinding through quests, rather you're doing it at the proper speed. You also don't get bored as easily. :)