Saturday, February 5, 2011

15 Million Wizards and black pearls

Hello again,

I read the Twitter and someone said about 500 black pearls at bazaar and my friends told me about it, so i go check it out.

Guess what?  I got one so far!  :-P

I need some that's all.   But it made me so think about.

Wait a minutes!

15 million wizards at Wizard101 get black pearls for maybe CL house, or for some other crafts.  Wow, can you imagine about 15 millions for just that black pearls needed?  How many black pearls per person need?

I can't imagine that.  That is too much for them who really need black pearls.

I wish you good luck!

\|m/ Diana Wildheart


  1. Pink Dandelions are the perfect solution to that, I have an overload of Pearls, especially Blood Moss :P

  2. Yes, i believe about that pink Dandelion are very good drop those black pearls. I need some now to make them. I did plants some but not yet mature!