Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wizard City Novie Craft

Hello again,

Finally, it is time to meet my Thaumaturge Wizard, Diana Mistshard.  I use my Thaumaturge Wizard to do crafting and gardening as part of my journal so I can share secrets and helpful tips with you.

When you are in the Wizard City. Merle Ambrose will call you to his house and he will gives you quests.  That is how you will start your quests. You can find more quests to do when you will see the symbol like ! or ? above the head with name on it. 

When you get in Olde Town, you will see a lady named Eudora Tangletree, Novice Crafter.  Talk to her and she will explain what you need to do.

Where can I find Mist Wood? Okay, let me show you where to find them.   As you see pictures below here,  Most of them  can be found near trees on ground around Wizard City.

As you see those reagents on left side, you got it!  Wonder where it went to?  It went inside your backpack.   Where can you access to backpack?  You should see the book icon on right bottom corner of your screen.

You see the crafting (J), flask symbol is crafting.

Reagents are at bottom of this book as you see.  Click on it.

There you go.  This is Reagents page.

Now, you have to bring the mist wood to Eudora Tangletree.

You got Basic Crafting Table, where did it went?  It's in your backpack!  You can go back to dorm or house to set the crafting table.

It will ask you to accept or decline that quest. It is up to you to decide what you want to do, but i am warning you that in future, one quest will might require craft you need to get the training point.
Where can you find the recipe? Let me show you where.

As you see the recipe shop bottom after the mark of ? "The Razor's Edge."  Click on it!

Find the name that she required is " Dagger of Absolution."  Click on it, and click on "Buy."  (If you have that gold 62, go ahead.)

You got it in your quest book, so you can see the number of Dagger of Absolution (0 of 2).  You have to make 2 of them.  I made the chart so you can see how much gold and how many reagents you need.

Dagger of Absolution
(Wizard City, Found by Eudora Tangletree,  Cost: 62 Gold)
Time: 1:10
Gold Cost:
Dagger of Absolution Recipe
Black Coal
Mist Wood
Final Total:
Reward: 164 Gold and Novice Crafter Badge

 *It is depend on your gold what you like to fast way or slow way.  Fast way, go to bazaar and find those reagents you need and buy.  Slow way, keep looking around for the reagents on ground whenever you pass and save your gold.
Oh, I just forgot one more thing to add to show you where get reagents that you can't find on ground or drop.  Go to Reagent Vendor next to Eudora Tangletree, that person name is Elmer Meadowgrass.

Now what?  Go looking or buy.

Go to your dorm or house.  Set the Basic Crafting Table up.

There you go.     Then now what?  Let's walk to the table.

Then you click on "Create."  It shows the  timer to cool down.

When you done with crafts, you go back to Eudora Tangletree.

You got the quest to go to see Wul'yahm in Krokotopia.

My secret is to gather double what you need for crafts, so you can make them easy and fast.  That way you won't lost stuff in bazaar when you sell. Then go back to Craft person who give you craft quest.

Oh, by the way, I won't do all pictures like this, I show you to meet Crafters and Vendors.  I will add the recipes charts in each worlds.

Good Luck!

\|m/ Diana Wildheart

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