Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Friendships, RR, Twitter: Drama!

Hello again,

I would like talk about this title.  Are you curious why I put that title?  Hmm..... I want to let you aware of this happened in twitter tonight (3-7-2012).  I joined Ravenwood Radio later before they end the night.  And I read the twitter, one of friend told me to "talk to my friend Icy that because he can't use name as a name anymore, according to her."  Woah...... wait a minutes!  Icy is working with Ravenwood Radio, she know what to do with rules and jobs that she did.  I just want to let you know that I do nothing relate with Ravenwood Radio and I know that they don't want to be confuse because of Kingsisle names as they think of famous names.

The reasons are what if they see that name, ooh, that person working with Kingsisle, so I can give ideas or ask questions or whatever.  What if they think of you as wrong person and decide against that or try follow different name as NPC names.   Is that fair for other wizards?   But I mean about Ravenwood Radio, they don't want to see the names in chat room that will so confuse for other people.    But in twitter, you can use name as long as Kingsisle say okay or nay.  You have to be careful what you want to set the name by yourself.    I like what Stephen Spiritcaller said in his blog in Ravenwood Radio. Link:

Back to Icy, she is my friend, I am respect her and her positions for community.  I am not bother her or tell her what to do. I do have friends with Petnome, Ravenwood Radio and some community, but therefore I am not tell them what to do after you tell me to do.  I won't do it.  I am respect their works, their doings and their rules.  I am value friendship with them.  So that friendship that we agree to be "trust, respect and nice to each other."

I am try to make clear to you that I won't do to tell them after you tell me or them to us.   It won't be fair and it will look bad on you or yourself.  Therefore, too much drama in twitter after mute or ban in chat room because of name.  If they ask you, please change name.  That's it.  Very simple solution!  Just do change name after they ask nice way, if you don't, they have no choice but mute or ban IP address.  So just be careful what you doing.   I will if they tell me to change name. I respect that.  I don't want get trouble or get ban because of name.  Just respect to the people who work hard to make this community.   I am applaud on them.   They are amazing people!  Even some people said they are awful people, but really, the rules states no swear, languages or names!  You have to remember this game, this community are for everyone as friendly family game.  What is friendly family mean to you?   Think about it!  Any ages no matter what, just be careful before you say in chat room or twitter.  Okay?

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

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  1. Thank you Diana. I really value your friendship so very much. I look forward to our morning play dates more than you know. You are always sweet and dependable and have such a sunny personality. That's why you are friends with virtually everyone in the community. But people should talk to each other, not try to get mutual friends to pass along messages or resolve disagreements. See you ITS in a couple of hours! :)