Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Capacity Challenge

Hello again,

This are for everyone in world.

I would like to talk about this title, Capacity Challenge.  Since my bank most wizards are full because of crown gears, wands, seeds, and house items that I want to keep in future.  But sadly, it keep full every time we farming or can't move around the bank to backpack to shared bank to attic since it is full.  I has to sell them or feed my pets with those stuff that I may not need in future.

So I just want to give you the ideas to save space for bank.

For wands, that will be nice if Kingsisle Wizard101 will give house furniture as wand stands.  That I found in Bazaar, I thought why not have those Wand stands for our wands to set up.

(Maybe Wand Stands recipe to make)

What about gears?   Hmm... I would get that part right now.  I found some pictures in bazaar, I thought why not.
(Hat Stand)

(Boots Shelf)

(Robe Wardrobe)

I think like limit ten in one shelf or wardrobe but not set up in game yet, I think that will be nice if press x to set up gears there, but wait, why not use mannequin? It is so easy to have mannequins with gears.  That can show better than just "closet."  If you want to know where get the recipes. The recipes are at Felicia Worthington, Reagent Square, Marleybones. Pssttt.... you have to complete Initiate Crafter quest, then you can have those recipes.  

Female Mannequin Recipe:
10 Seraph Treasure Cards
4 Shadow Oil
1 Crystal Vial
80 Ores
30 Fossils
25 Scrap Iron
15 Black Pearl
48 Leather Strap

Male Mannequin Recipe:
10 Vampire Treasure Cards
4 Shadow Oil
1 Crystal Vial
80 Stone Block
30 Diamonds
25 Black Lotus
15 Spring
48 Bronze Gear

I decided I am try to set up so I can have space in bank. Here for example:

I thought why not use mannequin with all gears to set up in your house or dorm or wherever you prefer.  I think that will be nice to show instead in bank that keep going full.  One thing I wish for Wand Stands.  That will be nice to show off of that to set up instead hiding in bank.  

What do you think of this ideas or decoration to set those gears?  If you have those problem with recipes, or reagents or treasure cards.  Think carefully.  What stuff that we can use?  Gardening, feed pets with stuff (gears, house items and etc), crafting and reagents hunting.

Garden=Reagent Harvest!  This link will help you what you will use often for this mannequin recipe.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!


  1. This is a GREAT idea Diana! One of your best ever! Using mannequins is free and crafting them is hard, but really gives a great sense of accomplishment. I'd love to be able to craft wand stands but I'd be okay with crowns shop/gold too. :)

  2. I love your ideas.

    I have all the wizards I can on one account. One of the reasons that I did this was so that some of the "younger" wizards could hold onto some of my "older" wizards things - like nice wands, gear with good stats that had been outgrown but still useful for younger wizards, house items, and the list goes on.

    Even with all these wizards and many houses between them all, I am starting to feel the crush again of too much good stuff. I was wondering what could be some good storage expansion solutions, and here you have given us many.

    Thank you!

  3. It would be really cool if the mannequins could hold wands... but oh well.

    Thanks for the great tips! :D