Sunday, July 1, 2012

Future Crafting Quests with New Reagents


Hello again,

Many of you wonder why I use that title for future Crafting quests with new reagents as:

~Amber Dust
~Braided Vine
~Merle's Whisker

I would like to set the advice for everyone to be prepare to get those reagents to save in share bank so you don't have to worry about in future.

Like I said I am still gather reagents as I needed for future just in case, the reasons are I put all reagents in share bank which are so easy for us to see what we have.  I like to add the quote of my friend who advice:

“I use my shared bank for ALL reagents that I know will be needed by
 any of my wizards for crafting: black lotus, black pearls, blood moss, cattails, 
deep mushrooms, diamonds, frost flowers, mist wood, nightshade, ore, red mandrake,
 sandstone, sun stone, etc. That way they have a one stop shop to pick up 
what they need when it's time for them to do their individual crafting. 
Whatever makes things more efficient. It's a lot easier for me than having to log 
off & on 6 wiz to check their packs. ” 

It is very good advice from her.  When she told me about reagents in share bank, I started there since her advice help me lot.  Thank you, SorceressMiklai!

There are many questions that we want to know as "what if."

        ~What if new crafting quest are required new reagents?

       ~What if new recipes are required those new reagents for gears, amulets, wands, deck 
          or/and stuff later as lvl 90 or 100 that are better stats than our levels?

That questions we don't know yet but my suggestion is get start to gather new reagents now while you play and save reagents in share bank.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

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