Monday, July 9, 2012

Thinking of 12WCC!


Hello again,

I have been thinking about "12 weeks Challenges Contest" as 12WCC.  I am sure that many of you think what is that "12 weeks Challenges Contest."  Well, I am thinking to have at least one week challenge for you to do complete before end of the week which last 12 weeks mean 12 challenges to win the grand prize(s).  If you do complete, I will approve as you move on.  If you don't complete, well, sorry.  It is part of challenge contest. I am warning to you that the challenges will be trivia, puzzles, crafting/gardening, badge challenge and mazes. It will start later this fall.

I am thinking of the prizes are 30k crowns(?), Pagoda Dungeon Bundle (new bundle that not release yet), $20 Gift Card, $10 Gift Card and choice of few prizes like seeds, packs and whatever that price decide.  (Pssstttt...... If you want to donate the prizes or codes that will show your names to be credit, please email to

I have few questions for you to think about.  If you can share the comments to answer the questions for me?

~Do you think that 12 weeks challenge too long for that good prizes?

~Do you think that prizes are good enough for 12 weeks? If no, suggest what prizes?

~What challenge do you like to see for this contest?

Please leave the comment or have concern/questions to this blog so I can review and answer before start this fall.  Thank you.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!


  1. 12 week is not long at all andthe prizes are most definitely good prizes! :O For challenges I would love to see maze challenge, crafting/gardening, badge challenge, maybe housing challenge? Hide and seek challenge or screenshot challenge where you put pic of an item and we have to find where in the spiral it is and take screenshot with wizard next yo the item, etc. I could go on and on lol - thumbs up -

  2. to answer your questions, it all looks terrific. the length of time is okay, given the great prizes you are offering. people should definitely enjoy it, nicely done. thx for this.