Saturday, February 9, 2013

Real Life Blog (not P101 or W101)

Hello again,

I am still struggle to find the right title for real life family blog that we can share our opinions on

Books to read,
 hotels where we will visit/sleep (whenever we go on vacation ;D ), 
share the recipes that we learning the foods, 
do crafting with lessons and show the pictures what we did,
hobbies that we like to share,
family event pictures,
share our languages,
Of Course, our favorite links that we like to share, (Wizard101 and Pirate101)

The reasons are that we want to share our experience and that lists that we can share with you.  I thought it will be fun, maybe boring life story but who know?  But not sure what title best fit for this lists that we want to share.  Something interesting, fun to share and extraordinary.

I was thinking of title is "10 L Words" with header that have 10 L words with those words around the big bold title. But if you don't like that title, then please suggest different title or something fit for the lists that we will share.

Please post the comments/suggestion the titles to us so we can make decision. Thank you.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

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