Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer 2013

Hello again,

I been out for so long time since I posted.   But I want to say thank you for patient and find my information that very helpful for you.  I will add more later when my kids will go back to school.  And also my laptop is broken but my hubby's laptop will be fall apart soon.  So I am try to earn the money to buy laptop or computer later when we have enough money (maybe for 'early' Christmas present for me! ;-)  )

So how is/was your summer?  My summer is eh!  It is okay, not great, will explain next paragraph......

Anyway back to Pirate101 and Wizard101:  I am so behind for few reasons.  Poor health of my since last spring that I can't focus because of low iron blood and recently I have inflammation in my stomach which is not fun and still annoying.  And also we have lot of projects that we wanted to make money out of those projects.  I can't tell you what kind of projects but we try to make money to support family.  We are doing well.  Don't worry about us.  Thanks for worry about us.  :-)   I also focus on my new business.  I won't tell it either.  Because of personal reason relate to my real name.    I just can't wait come back to play the games as soon we will be stable and focus easier when kids will go back to school.......  :-)

Thank you for patient waiting for my next blog post.  I will post more often when kids go school..... :-)  And also I will check twitter once in while...... Please watch for my twitter once in while.  I am thinking to do small contest later this fall..... I can't say when but watch for my blog once in while......

I miss you all!  I miss the KingsIsle games, too.......

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!


  1. Welcome back, hope you had a decent summer.

  2. I haven't played much of Wizard101 either during the summer, mainly due to internet not working anymore...
    So I spent most of my time reading and blogging about books.
    And summer was apparently fantabulous in weather.
    Welcome back! :D


  3. Christmas season is coming soon. I hope that you almost have the money to a buy a new laptop. That is, indeed a wonderful Christmas present to give to yourself. Likewise, it's a good investment too! You should go for the one that has most of the features that you need. Good luck! :)

    Cordia Remsen @ RB’s Computer Service