Monday, October 24, 2011

For Like Items/Seeds

Hello again,

I been thinking about while I doing seeds energy, I just found out about Deadly Helephant Ears Like more items last night at WIKI.  So it made me thinking, "is that so silly if I have all items that from crown shop, crafted and bazaar set up that plants really like, to put all information for each seeds likes?"

Questions for you:

Do you want to see all crafted, crown items and all items from bazaar/house shops to set up for seeds to make grow up fast?

If yes, please let me know which items, I will add the lists for all items that I can test them out.


Any Kind of Boom Shroom
Any kind of Dandelion
Any kind of Evil Peas seeds
Any kind of Fly Trap
Any kind of Helephant Ears
Any kind of Ninja Fig
Any kind of Snap Dragons
Any kind of Trumpet Vines
Baby Carrots
Fickle Pickle
Honey Sickle
King Parsley*

Ball of Blue Yarn
Brick-Walled Pond^
Broken Stump*-
Bubbling Cauldorn*
Celestian Power Orb
Crab Claw Statue^
Decorative Gong^
Djembe Drum
Dragon Skull*-
Egg Basket^
Fish Fountain
Garden Gnomes
Gong of the Oni
Krok Insect Tablet
Medium Fir Tree^-
Oni Statue
Painted Chameleon Statue
Pet Cannon
Pile of Sand
Pot of Soup^
Potted Cat Tail
Regal Dragon Statue
Sandwich Station^
Snowflake Obelisk
Star Chalice^
Toy Train Set^
Water-Mole Statue
Weapon Rack ^
Wooden Rake

*= Crowns
^ = Crafting
- = Bazaar or Hoard Pack
# = will appear to plants.

I am try to thinking of ALL items and seeds to set up for all seeds.   I hope that will help everyone thinking, ooh, maybe add items that will help seeds grow fast and few days.   Please help me if you can.   Thank you!

Btw, for items, it is better if you have those to keep, do not sell.  Because you need them for gardening just in case if you think of that "I want to plant those seeds and see what they like" and you already have it.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!


  1. I would love a third item that says how to get the Liked items. As in, are they crafted, can you find at the bazaar, can you find at a vendor and if so which world. This is a great idea!

  2. Hello Icy, yes that will be good ideas I am going to make the chart for those items only. I am thinking about to have all seeds to see like all items. Like for example, one seed i can test all items out on one seed and see what they like or not. who know?