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$$$ on Mega Snacks Pack????

Hello again,

I learned the secrets about crowns and how to save your crowns to spend on stuff like "Mega Snacks Pack."

First, I will show you the link of Kelsey Fireheart that she posted in few weeks ago about pet training and mega snacks.

 7 Mega Snacks in one pack.  Cost 2500, you need about 8 packs for one pet from baby to epic. 20,000 crowns on Mega Snacks Pack alone for one pet.  Is that too much cost $$$$ for you?

If you prefer do that fast way, I understand that but I am suggest this blog for you to read if you like to focus on how to save crowns on Mega Snacks Packs.

I chose one seed so you get the ideas but I know that there are three best seeds drop Mega Snacks.  So I will explain this seed compare with Mega Snacks Pack.

For Evil Magma Peas seed: 1250 crowns, mega snack will give at elder.

If you have 32 Evil Magma Peas seeds, that will be 40k crowns.  But 32 Mega Snacks!!!  Hold on........ 32?  Nope, not if you plant 32 Evil magma Peas with their "5 LIKE," that will be 4 days.  FOUR DAYS?????  From seedling to Elder, that is total for 4 days AND 32 Mega Snacks.  If you have 4 LIKES, that will be 6 days.  Pixie is hard to get if you know which seeds will attract pixies.  Good Luck!


Can you think about math?  Here is it!!!!!

MS=Mega Snack

4 days divide by 30 days equal 7.5 times. (I choose 7 instead 8 cause it is 32, so there is no 32 days. ;-)  )

7 time 32 MS equal 214 Mega Snacks for one month and about 4 epic pets!!!!!


Okay, if not understand, let me set the chart for you.  Compare to use mega snack pack and seeds.

Mega Snacks Pack
Evil Magma Peas Seeds
Cost Crown:
2500 each
1250 each
7 MS =1 pack
1 MS = 1 seed^
Pet (Baby to Epic)
56 MS (8 pack)
56 MS (32MS  2x4 days)
Total value:
20,000 Crowns
40,000 Crowns
4 pets training
80,000 Crowns
40,000 Crowns as replants every 4 days = 214 MS for one month
Total of MS in Pack:
7 MS=1 pack
32 MS=4 ½ packs
For one year total:
960,000 crowns
40,000 crowns, but plant over and over
^Suggestion for 32 seeds as medium soil.

I noticed that crowns 960,000 for one year, that lot of money.  Total crowns to spend: $960.00 on crowns sale only.  But remember if you spend just for one year that will be $720.00 on crowns sales only.

But if you thinking about garden seeds, then you will save about $900.00 for that seeds only.  You will spend about 40,000 crowns on seeds but you will have about 20,000 crowns left for whatever you want.  $60 for 60,000 crowns on sale.  Hmmmmm..........  think about the math of this chart I just explained.

Wow, for mega snacks pack you pay that much cost $$$$$$$$$$.............  It hit me and thought about it, I rather do gardening that give time and patient.  I rather save crowns on gardening than buy on packs.    Good Luck!

Here are three seeds I suggested:

Evil Magma Peas

In my opinion, this seed EMP is the best so far for me.  But it is up to individual.  If you can't afford crowns for seeds, my suggestion is other seeds that you can use gold is Prickly Bear Cactus.  They do drop two mega snacks: Crab Apple and Sun Fruit.

If you really want those seeds now, well, my advice is buy one or few at a time, or whatever you have your money. Or just be patient, that you can have money to buy them.   It is up to you but thinking about MS pack or seeds......

I have few quotes from Twitter friends to share their experience with gardening and pack.

“I spent about 39,000 crowns on 24 evil magma peas, 5 potato, and 2 deadly helephant ears.  That garden gives me around 200 rank 9 snacks a month.  That’s not counting the rank 7 and lower at each mature harvest, which I sell for gold. If the snacks gave 7 rank 9, that would be about 14 packs a month. but they don’t.  They give three, which means 67 packs if you are after only rank 9. I have been able to train my pets quicker with the rank 9. Peas give an assortment of snacks, so can easily balance out the stats.  Not only have I saved thousands of crowns by not needing snack packs, but its so much quicker training with rank 9 snacks only.  One last thing to get the 200 all rank 9 snacks from snack packs.  Here is the math.  3 per pack.  200/3= 67.  67x2500=167,500 crowns a month.” 

“You get 3 rank 9 snacks and 4 rank 8. breakdown is: 1x50 pt, 1x45 pt, 1x40 pt, 2x30 pt, 2x25 pt. This gives out 220 training pts per pack, now some packs may have more or less than stated but above is a good general rule.”

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

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  1. 1 Mega Snack Pack: 2,500 crowns = $5.
    8 Mega Snack Packs: 20,000 crowns = $40.
    That's a lot of dinero for one pet.