Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Amber Transmute! and Test Realm!


Hello again,

I would like to say that test realm is here but only for one day to test them out.  It is your chance to do check test realm at Wizard101, link is https://www.wizard101.com/game/update-notes/testrealm.

Yes, you heard me!  Amber Transmute finally is here.

Let me show you where and who has it.

If you see that green arrow that where he is at.

Meet Shane MaCGobhann!

He has amber transmute, dagger, amulet and boots recipes.  

Here is an Amber Transmute:

Amber Transmute:
Required: Legendary Artisan Badge
Gold: 2000
Crafting Station: Card Crafting Station
Timer: 000:00:30

Ingredient required:
5 Merle's Beard
5 Amber Dust
15 Sunstone
10 Golden Pearl

I was like "WOW" where can I find those two new reagents?  Well, test realm notes explaining: 

If can't read but you can click this image to make large.

But I can type what they said.  Amber Dust and another mystery reagent are available from bosses like the Pendragon, Morganthe and Starburst Spider as well as bosses in Waterworks and Briskbreeze towers.
Hmm...... dungeons are long way to do gather those new reagents.  Unless you prefer faster way.  

But I rather do gardening in my opinion but it is up to you.  The best garden that you can gather are: White Tiger Lily, Deadly Ninja Fig, King Parsley, Red Bell Pepper and Red Huckleberries.  

One of my many goals is gather lot of reagents to max in share bank, you never know "what if" in future for crafting quests or new recipes need those reagents.  So all I need most are Fossils and Amber, now added to my new list for those new reagents.  If you think that way to be smart, then do it.  If you don't want to max, then don't do it.  One of my many goals that I really wanted to make mannequins to take clothes out of bank to dress up in house so I can save some stuff as I needed.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

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  1. I want to point that seeds I am talking about gardening which can reseed and drop more seeds is King Parsley, so far I know. But I don't know about other seeds. I know that White Tiger Lily and Deadly Ninja Fig are not drop seeds as I am looking for. I don't know about Red Bell Pepper and Red Huckleberries yet which is I am going to study on them soon or later. Thank you for your patient to understand that I working on website.