Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mythspent Youth: Short Story contest.

Hello again,

Here is the link of Mythspent Youth blog:     Congratulations on those winners! =)

I won Mulberry Hound Pet, 5k crowns and Energy Elixir. I would like to say thank you so much for prizes that I won.  I was hope for tag game, oh well.... I tried to win for it.  But thank you!

Now I am going to share my story, enjoy to read!

Diana and The Three Wizards
Once a upon time, there were a little life wizard name is Diana with her pet polar cat named Gigi, wandering around in Pet Hatchery and looking around for right pet.  
I saw the Fire Wizard named Kelsey Fireheart with her pet Fire Beetle.  She showed me lot of pets, so she offered 3 beetles, Fire beetle, Ice Beetle and Life Scarab.  So I try fire beetle, I felt like I get warmer, then hot,I said, “Woah!  This beetle is too flame!  Let me try your ice beetle, please?”  So she let me try Ice beetle for few minutes.  My body get feeling cool, then cold.  I said, “this beetle is too cold! Let me try your life scarab, please?”  I tried her life scarab, I thinking and I try run and walk around.  I told her, “this scarab is just right for me. Can we hatch, please?”  Then we hatched, we failed to not trade the pets as we wanted. Sigh…..  So I thanked to her for let me try and hatch. 
I wandered around at Pet Hatchery and still looking for right pet.  I saw the Ice Wizard named Alexander Lionheart with his pet Colossus.  He showed me few pets, he offered three colossus pets.  I tried his pet silver colossus, then I realized it is too hard.  I said, “this colossus is too hard, let me try other colossus, please?”  He let me tried the Bolt colossus, I tried run and walk around but it keep shock and thundering to me. I said, “Yikes!  This colossus is too thunder, let me try other colossus, please?”  He let me try the Earth Walker, I tried test on Earth Walker, I am thinking and said, “Hmm….. I like this, this Earth Walker is just right. Can we hatch, please?”  We hatched, and we got pets as we wanted.  I thanked him for let me trying and hatch. 
I go training my new pet Earth Walker slowly with my snacks, (no mega snacks yet) to teen, got spritely, then Adult, got health gift.   Grrrr, failing, I was not keep going to training my pet, not the talents as I wanted to have for my pet.  So I wandered around at Pet Hatchery and looking around for right pet. 
I saw the Myth Wizard named Heather Raven, she has her pet myth Minotaur.  I asked her if she has some pets to show me.  She showed me her pets.  She showed me three minotaur, so I wanted to try her minotaur at first is myth minotaur.  I tested it out, then I said to Heather, “this myth minotaur is too suspicious, let me try your other minotaur, please?”  She let me try her death minotaur.  I run and walk around with death minotaur.  I told her, “Yikes, this minotaur is too frightening for me, let me try other minotaur, please?”   So she let me try her life minotaur.  I tried to learn and run around with it.  I said, “This minotaur is just right for me, can we hatch?”  We hatched and we got the right pets as we wanted.  I thanked to her for let me trying and hatching pets. 
I was thinking, Hmm, how can I skip training and get it to epic?  I just remembered that someone told me try skip dance, feed mega snack to your pet, and refill energy potion, this is cheating and faster trick. So I paid lot of mega snacks pack to training my pet, skip dance then feed mega snack and refilled energy potion.  It got epic, but the talents failed me, not what I wanted. 
All three pets failed me.  Oh, what can I find the right pet?  Sigh……..


I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

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