Friday, June 15, 2012

P101 Youtube of DadLabs dot Com with CC

Hello again,

I would like to explain how to set the closed caption for hard of hearing and deaf. What is the Closed Caption?  Well, let me bring the link to you easy way to understand instead of I type.  Hope it help you understand why we used this all time.

Anyway, back to DadLabs dot com, that has blogs, videos and stuff.

But video is there with Pirate101.  But you noticed that bottom of video don't have closed caption, hmm.... there is other choice is youtube can show CC.  Here is it:

Do you know how to turn CC on and try get CC on?  Well, let me show you how to set up.

See that white words on youtube? That is Audio with Closed Caption.

See the bottom of youtube that have option.  See red box of CC?

OKay, turn CC on, then click on Transcribe Audio, it will show Closed Caption.

There you go!

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

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