Saturday, April 16, 2011

Grizzleheim "Watchtower Hall"

Hello again,

I been thinking about crafting the house.  I would like to share my time and journal with you if you like to read.

My storm wizard, Diana Rainbowheart done with Celestial Observatory.  I thought why not focus on my balance wizard, Diana Swiftwalker working on Watchtower Hall, since she don't have any house.  And I am crazy over crafting things to do.

I thought why not to make this lists that I can do journal for this Watchtower Hall for my balance so I hope this will help you in future to see what I am doing.  I hope this help all of us who really want to do Celestial Observatory. 

Here is the site: Watchtower Hall

As you see the lists, oh boy!  Don't worry about it. I am here to share demo and give you some my ideas and experiments.

 It required to become Master Artisan, so my balance just become Adept Crafter.  I am try to get her to complete DS Crafting Quests as I can.

 So far, my balance has 28 Stack of Wood Planks, 20 Ghost Fire and 10 Blizzard Treasure Cards.

My lists needs are:

4 Wooden Water Tower
4 Craved Stone Tower
15 Ornamental Stepstones
2 Stack of Wood Planks
8 Grassy Mounds
2 Water Fountain

My wizards can do gather reagents and do other crafts while my wizards' timers are cool-down waiting for timers to be ready for crafting.

Reagents that I need for that lists:

210 Deep Mushrooms
100 Diamonds
50 Frost Flowers
120 Nightshade
150 Scrap Irons
150 Ore

Cards I need for this lists:

10 Nature's Wrath

Most of you wonder how did I gather stuff that I already have and needed.  I used my garden and I doing on the quests while I was on the way to find them.  And also I been farming that I used gold for most reagents.  Right now I am looking for those reagents I need.

If you willing to help me to complete, that will be fine with me.  

Most of you wonder where are DS and CL crafting quests.  Please patient with me, it is slowly process.  I will post it as soon I complete.  And also I will add the tab for Crafting quests.

Please keep eyes on this Watchtower Hall journal every time I will post when I keep doing this.

Good Luck!

\|m/ Diana Wildheart

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  1. Wow, congrats on having crafted the CL observatory! I wish I had the patience to do so myself, but I don't. And I really want that house. Good luck with the watchtower hall (another house I am wanting as well, lol).