Monday, April 18, 2011

Gt H, Part 2

Hello again,

Remember I told you what I did so far, I will type the red words and numbers.  So you can see what I did in process.

 So far, my balance has 2 Water Fountain, 15 Ornamental Stepstones, 30 Stack of Wood Planks, 20 Ghost Fire and 10 Blizzard Treasure Cards.

My lists needs are:

4 Wooden Water Tower
4 Craved Stone Tower
8 Grassy Mounds

Reagents that I need for that lists:

544 Deep Mushrooms
80 Diamonds
65 Frost Flower
24 Nightshade
115 Scrap Iron
147 Stone Block
166 Water Lily

I am try to do every day to gather reagents as I can.  It takes a times.  ;-)

Good luck!

\|m/ Diana Wildheart

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