Thursday, June 16, 2011

2011 Summer out! Party Time!

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Nah, just kidding!  WAIT!!! Don't leave!  

Please read this, first of all, I would like to discuss this topic about "Party Rules" and advices.  I have been seen some parties and I see some players keep beg for friend to add or beg for crown gift to or any inappropriate language/behaviors.  People keep want to port to other to parties to ruin our fun.

It is very sad!  Where are your party manners?

I found few links that I would like to share about, please read this before you read rest of my blog. I asked for their permission to add on links.  I am grateful for them even I am give the credit to their times to share. Thank you.

W101Game & Forum Etiquette (Credit to SorcessMiklai)
Trollsand Gobblers and Onis Oh MY!! (Credit to Cassandra Dragonheart)
#ff =Frustrated Friday (Credit to Christina Icedreamer aka Icywiz)
House rules (Credit to Stephen Spiritcaller)

Here are the Advices for party when you are ready to have fun:

1-Never beg for Crowns or items to gift.

2-Never tell to other players what to do. For example, “Add me now” or “Remove friend off the list” after they say, “Sorry I am full.”

3-Have appropriate language and behaviors, so you may enjoy the party. (If inappropriate languages/behavior, remember we watch you carefully, so we can click on reports ready.  BE CAREFUL!)

4-Do not use CAPS to as yell or get our attention.

5-Friends can come as long they respect the rules.  If not, the owner will boot you out.

6-Have fun and enjoy the social!

The reasons are players at Wizard101 feel so annoying when players beg to add or gift in party.  I don’t feel any respects from those players.   Remember, they decide to add or remove, they will ask you but don’t rush and ask rude.  That is very sad to see players who really wanted to collect “fame” players.

I can’t say who but you may know who I am talking about.  They just play games as same as you are doing play game.  They like to share their opinions, information, tips, vlog, youtube and etc in their blogs to Wizard101 players who need to know how do this.  And also they don't have times to meet all of you. They have family, job, school and ETC.  They want to focus on games to complete what they need.  Once a while, they may will be there at party. 

The reasons I posted this blog.  I really like to have fun and play game enjoyable.  We don’t need trolls/gobblers, bad attitudes and no respects at all in game.  I am sure they like to have fun and enjoy the game, too.

If you are thinking about set the party.  Here are the rules:

1-Set the time clearly.  Remember, we live on different time zone.  (for example: here where I live in time zone is 5pm, so I post the time 5pm (MST), 6pm (CST), 7pm (EST).)

2-Set the place where the port bus will be at. (If have any port bus.) What is the port bus?  The port bus that I have full list friends that I can’t add but I have alt wizard so add you to port. Better to have set half hour before the party start.  So everyone can come to place you choose.  

3-You will have a place where the party will be at.

4-Remember the party advices.

5-Have fun!

Be the way, we have few parties coming up, so remember this rules and advices.

1-Timonthy Lighttalon’s 2nd Wizaversary  If you can't open this link, here are the information
    Saturday June 18th, 2011 at Timothy's Sultan's Palace
    Time 3pm to 6pm (CST) 2pm to 5pm (MST) 1pm to 4pm (PST) 4pm to 7pm (EST)
                              The Port Bus will be Timothy's Legendary Myth Alt, Valdus Titanblood. He'll be at Golem Court in Wraith Area One

4-Jasmine Smith’s Wizaversary on July.  (Will post it up soon)

5-mywizard101site’s Annual 4thof July Party 

6- firestormwizard's Wizaversary on June 18th Saturday time: 12pm to 2pm CST, 11am to 1pm MST, 10am to 12pm PST and 1pm to 3pm EST. He will post twitter about his bus port at 11:30am.  Keep watch for it.  It will be at his Sultan's Palace.

Please let me know, I will post whoever will host the party!

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

\|m/ Diana Wildheart


  1. Gosh, this is a GREAT article Diana! Thanks so much for taking the time to write it and put it up. I hope many Wizard101 players read it and take it to heart!

  2. Hey, Diana! Talon Thunderblade here. Nice party tips, I'll be watching out trolls and onis XD. Could you add me to your blog roll? Thanks, Diana!-Thunderblade