Friday, June 24, 2011

RR #43 Segments

Hello again,

First of all, I like the ideas from Christina IceDreamer about share the segments from Ravewood Radio team members for hearing impaired.  Every time I will post it after Ravenwood Radio done.

I like to welcome our guest Christina Icedreamer who make segment for Ravenwood Radio #43 (I will make the link for transcription when it will be post in.)

Strange things Ravenwood Students say in the Pet Pavilion
by Christina IceDreamer aka IcyWiz

Sometimes when I'm in the Pet Pavilion, I hear pet owners say some things to their pets that seem out of place. It's almost like they are those moms who want their little girls to win every beauty pageant or the dads who aren't happy unless their sons score every touchdown. This is a list of some of the odd things I've heard.

10. Now, I’m going to shoot you out of a cannon over and over again because I think you have potential.

9. You’d better move fast in this maze, or the ghosts will get you!

8. Now, when I tell you to, run toward the ghosts and eat as many of them as possible.

7. I don’t care if you want to eat the apples that make you smarter. The pizza makes you stronger, and you’re having that!

6. You go in there and let those gassy gobblers throw food at you with their grubby hands, and you eat every last bit you can catch!

5. You’d better be able to copy the dance moves perfectly every time, or I’m going to be really cranky.

4. If this doesn’t work out the way I hope, I’m going to put you in a wooden trunk and leave you there. Or sell you. Or maybe just delete you. 

3. Oh, you’re out of energy? Drink this bottle of yellow stuff. NOW.

2. If you grow up just the way I hope you will, I’ll take you with me everywhere I go.

1. I can’t believe you have only some of the talents I was hoping for! After the all the time and money I’ve spent training and feeding you! That’s it! We’re going right over to that hatchery and I’m going to see if I can get something better than you!


Have you thought what Pet owners talk to pets? 

I do sometimes when my pet always eat my guidling light after every time i put it on me.  Bad Phoebe!   LOL

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed to read Icywiz's segment.  I hope I can try get Ditto's and Friendly's segments.  I am working on it for  hearing impaired.  If you have any ideas or suggests or advice, I am open for it.  Thank you.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

\|m/ Diana Wildheart

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