Saturday, June 11, 2011

Diana's Goal for June 2011

Hello again,

I been thinking lot about my blog and my wizards.  I feel like I want to improve my blog.  Can you tell me what I need to fix or add or whatever you think of?  I appreciate to have any kind help or advice from you. BTW, I may working on header again.  I will let you know when it will be up.  ;-)

I been thinking about my goal for my wizard101.  Since I said I have about 10 wizards, Three are legendary (Life, Myth and Storm), rest of them are level 43 or low. One of those wizards I just told you that I won't use quests or whatever cause it is part of my research for my blog and Stars of the Spiral website is my alt balance wizard.  I always wanted to finish my fire and death wizard to legendary before my subscription was expired. But never happened because of other things like Wintertusk came out and was planning after I done with all Legendary wizards.  I did for my legendary wizards only.  But I am surprised my husband gift me the subscription for one more year.  I loved it.  I don't have worry about pay month to month.

Anyway, I wanted to focus on my goal for this month only, so I can complete as I can focus on other wizards.

Here are the goals I made for this month, but want to be done before end of this month:

1) Get Level 43 Fire and Level 40 Death to reach Legendary and done quests.
2) Get Legendary Myth to get Warlord on PVP.
3) Get more tickets for Diana Wildheart to have Commander Robe, so I can stitch it up.
4) Have 50 followers for my blog, so I will have contest to give away free stuff. 

The reasons I am set the goals up.  Because I want to do this to be done, then I can focus next month goals or something.  If you really want to help me to finish my wizards, that will be awesome!  :)  I will have twitter on and I will ask for help or whatever.  Okay?

I wish you good luck with Spirals!

\|m/ Diana Wildheart

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