Monday, June 27, 2011

Gardening 101

Hello again,

Do you have hard time to find reagents?  Treasure Cards? Pet Snacks?

Do you need gold?

If you think all of them answers are YES.  Here are your problem solved.   This is Gardening 101.

When you level up to 12, Professor Moolinda Wu will ask you to come to see her. Go to her at life school.  You will talk to her.   Be warning, it is long blog post.  (Remember, I took time to take pictures to make this post.  So enjoy!)

Go to Golem Court to see Farley the Wizard City Gardener.

This is Farley, the WC Gardener.

Talk to Farley, the WC Gardener.

Go to Blossom Tree in Ravenwood and talk to her.

What is the energy? As you see this picture, red is health, blue is mana and green is energy for pet training and gardening to use.

What is a seed?
This is seed symbol will be show up on left side of screen when you got the seed.

This is seed information for name of seed, rewards, challenge, likes, dislikes and level for gardener.

Go back to Farley and talk to him.

You go to explore of Seedling, Young, Mature and Elder.



This is gardening spells tip:



Return to Farley and talk to him.


This is plant need tip:


Go back to Farley and talk to him.

Farley will give you two new gardening spells: Plow and Revive.
Then you have to buy the gardening spells as you need when you get rank up every time.
Total for all gardening spells: 122,500 Gold

This is Gardening spells as you have to buy your own gold to use for plants "need." First column is spell, second column is rank and third column is gold cost.

This is gold you have inside your backpack.

You see different between yellow with maroon and gray.  Yellow mean open for any rank when you reach the rank that you can buy the spells. Gray mean you have to wait until you reach that rank.

Rank 1 Spells total: 6
Rank 2 Spells total: 1
Rank 3 Spells total: 7
Rank 4 Spells total: 2
Rank 5 Spells total: 7
Rank 6 Spells total: 1
Rank 10 Spells total: 1

You will have 25 garden spells total plus 2 given by Farley.

Do you want to know where are seeds and who has them?  Well, here are the list:

Farley, Golem Court, Wizard City

Boom Shroom/1/1200
Helephant Ears/3/1800
Baby Carrots/3/1800
Evil Snow Peas/4/1800
Fickle Pickle/5/2400
Charley, Oasis, Krokotopia

 Snap Dragon/3/600
Bread Fruit Bush/3/600
Rye Bread Fruit Bush/3/1200
Cornbeard Fruit Bush/4/1800
Prickly Bear Cactus/5/2400
Marley, Jade Palace, Mooshu

Pink Laugh-O-Dil/4/1200
Orange Dandelion/4/1200
Burning Snap Dragon/6/1800
Venus Fly Trap/4/1800
 Harley, Base Camp, Celestia

Trumpet Vine/6/ 2400
White Desparagus/6/2400
Frozen Fly Trap/5/3000
Ivaldi Silverpelt, Nordrilund, Wintertusk, Grizzleheim

Fiery Boom Shroom/8/3000
Maelstrom Snap Dragon/7/3600
Deadly Ninja Fig/7/3600
Deadly Fly Trap/6/4200

 (Psst.... If you want different seeds, some are from crown shops and some are drop from NPC minions/bosses.)

Here are the Gardener Rank:

Will have "Gardening 102" about how set the gardens with plots and soils easy for all of us to know. 

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

\|m/ Diana Wildheart

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  1. WOWZ DIANA!!! Amazing post! This must have taken a while to type up. I hope all those Wizards reading this appreciate the time and effort you put into it :D