Sunday, February 5, 2012

Drama, Bullied, Realms, and Supports

Hello again,

I would like to say something and give the advices to everyone.  Few friends of mine has bullied from Wizard101 in few days past.  I just don't like to see people who bully or hurt people's feeling.  I am so tired of "Drama" over game.  In my opinion, I rather to have fun in Wizard101 games or any kind of games.  I don't want to see "drama."  It really so stupid and lame for everyone to be bully over who are low levels and they try to enjoy the games.  For what?  Make yourself good?  Think about when you was their wizard as low level.  We did that before we learn about this game.  So do not make fun of low level wizards, please.  I know that few links that talked about facebook, twitter and other links or blogs or whatever.  But I just want to let you know I am so tired of 'Offended," "Drama," and "Make fun of other people."  It can be offend to other as influence to us as Community of Wizard101.

When they talked about few realms that so crowd or full, or few realms where lot of people talk in bad languages.  Well, I always use few perfect realms that I am avoid drama, bully and languages.  That why I always go there when I choose perfect realms, that I really hate few things in wizard101 about people who don't respect over the rules of Wizard101.  Remember, we can click the "Report" right away after behave or say. Do not shy to click "REPORT!"  So be careful.......

I am so surprised that community of Wizard101 support each other when need help or support after whoever bully our friend of friends/families.  I like that support, please, please do that and keep going that we can come and support no matter what.  You are special and wonderful person.  No matter what, you always to be in my mind and heart that I am caring about for Wizard101 game only.

From twitter, we use news, blogs info, what's up with our wizards and let everyone know what's up with party or else.  We don't want that twitter as chat.  As long we discuss relate to Wizard101 Topic like gardening or crafting or quests, stuff like that.  We do sometimes need help from twitter friends/family that can come and support. Be warning about twitter, we want to keep twitter clean as friendly-family, think like Wizard101.  Thank you.  By the way, if you want to have long chat, either use facebook chat or skype chat. Okay?

If you feel so bully or feel like need talk to someone, please do that to twitter or close friends that you know, talk to them.

My advice, again, like I said, use realm as perfect, that you don't feel bully or bother at.  Realm with Perfect not always perfect to see people there hiding with bad languages and stuff.  But try to be careful where you going.

Other night, I ran from shopping area to pet place, woah! I was so shock about that two persons did (I wish I can say it but it is more friendly family blog for everyone, so I can't say it, sorry) anyway, it is not fair that people abuse the rules of Wizard101.  We need Mods or something to watch over Wizard101.  Even click on reports are not enough.  What I mean we need workers as cops to watch over commons only, maybe bazaar and few areas where they tends do worst at.  Not 24 hours watch over area, but if it was me if KI pay for watch few areas, that will be nice to have little job to do.  But of course, it won't work, I am sure that other players want that, too.  But still abuse the rules anyway.

Please respect this rules of Wizard101.  Do you remember when you agreed with Wizard101 before enter the game?  That why we all here to have fun, not here to watch drama, offend, and bad stuff like that.  We want to play this game to have fun, that's all.

My advice, again, I am remind you, try go to realm as perfect, not crowd or full.  It can make your game lagging and slow.  So it will help you avoid to be bully and drama.  Do not get involve to be bully or drama, please.  We want to enjoy our game.  Thank you.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

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