Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Advantages of Clean Houses*

Hello again,

This is for UK and US, but of course for all countries to know, too. I would like to talk about few things relate to Houses.

Like Wizard101 reminded us over and over about clean up backpacks and gifts box.  Here is the link: Time to Clean! (Wizard101 Forum)

It made me thinking about how avoid the game lagging.  So I asked Paige Moonshade, we chatted in twitter about relate to houses topic.

Here are the chatting we been talking and Q&A (warning if you don't understand what we talked about, please read this before you read the bottom I am share with you why we need to keep our in-game houses clean up):

Diana Wildheart do you feel like wizard101 should have extra elixair for more slots for houses?

 Paige Moonshade  Not really, with each house you get the more lag you can get. I have 6 on my wiz and sometimes I lag and my comp is good. If they do have them they should cost a lot.

 Diana Wildheart oh i see hmm i just wonder cause i don't mind to change house other house instead of this house you know

 Paige Moonshade 

Oh i know , I think of it this away. Kids and some adults including myself ;) would just keep adding houses. Then KI cont..

 Would get some many complaints on lag issues. I have learn the hard way and had to sell one over 6 to many.

diana wildhear: sad i have like all crowns house that i can't give away.

 Paige Moonshade  I sold one and re bought it on another wizard with gold. I love that they allow them to be bought with gold. or crowns

 Diana Wildheart  i think u r right about lag in game. Maybe should same treat like backpack as clean up. Less stuff like should not lag. :/
Paige Moonshade well think about it 500 items per house times 6 houses right there you have 3000 items just for decorations now add attic backpacks and banks and dorms which hold 50 that is a lot of items per wizard now times by 6 wizards That is over 3500+ items per wizard with 6 houses easy, Times 6 wizards 21k+ items imagine if you added more houses and items.

Diana Wildheart that is lot stuff but i wonder about if we rid of some stuff that we may not use very often, as house items. is that possible to have the game less lag or problem? I just curious if it is happen to all of us, with new or old computers like that.

 Paige Moonshade  Oh wait now you are talking animations that cause lag too . the more you have the more it counts. See why I do not think having extra house elixirs a good idea? maybe if they cost enough crowns people would not buy like crazy? I highly doubt it. I know people that can buy many of them and would have that many houses.

 Diana Wildheart  hmm good ideas i should have one or two house that limit 50 instead of 250 but need to be limit than have more or everything so it won't be lag

 Paige Moonshade  Agreed there would need to be a way to limit. Or I was thinking , yes this would kill me but limit how many houses. yet maybe give more item count.

It really very helpful to know what Paige mean to all of us.  She is great woman and who know about decorations inside and outside.  It made me thinking about set the limit more than I needed.  Since Kingsisle reminded all of us to focus to clean up backpack and gifts box.

But why not focus on Houses that stuff you already have in there?  Why not focus that stuff not worth to you?  I mean do not give up stuff that you will use often.  Just what you will use and keep it.  If you have too many stuff in that houses, why not clean up as spring time cleaning?  I am suggest that if you give stuff away that you will not use often that will help less lag in game.  Hmm, maybe?  So my goals to have all wizards to clean up and see what I don't need, try make this game going smooth.  I know that can't be promise, but try your best to clean up and whatever.

Yes, I do have problems with pets.  I feel like why not to give some away.  I wish, wish, wish that the Wizard101 should have Pet Market as we can sell/buy pets that we really want to have or rid of them that other players want some of pets to keep.

I know that my husband try to narrow stuff that we have at home that we try to clean and organize, he said, 
"Is this stuff worth to keep or become dust collection?"  
It reminded me since I been talking to Paige about Houses issues of stuff that we keep make lag or worst.  

I thought it will be cool to have extra elixiar.  But Paige has good point since she has 6 houses in one wizard made it worst or lagging in game.  Since UK Wizard101 are very lucky to have extra elixiar can be crowns in their game.  Remember, US have gift card "bundle" that included extra Elixiar, choose wisely for which wizard you will put in.  But remember US have more stuff than UK and countries.  So remember don't be jealous or whatever.  Of course, we have here to buy $39 for that gift card.  But UK and countries don't have gift cards like bundle or whatever they have or not.  They just buy with crowns or gold, it is depends on which countries.

So I just remind you again, please, please, please clean or rid or organize your wizards houses.   I don't mean sell house or rid, but I mean this quote from my hubby:

"Is this stuff worth to keep or become dust collection?"  

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

* Credit to Paige Moonshade for that title. =)


  1. I actually that it's more than that. When the game loads, have you noticed it keeps saying "patching worlddata".. So I think the problem is the world content. There's just too much information that needs to be loaded in first. THEN.. When I go fight the monsters, I swear to god, if I go near the monsters, I become laggy. If I walk further away, I become okay again. Same with other wizards, I go closer, more laggy, further back, the less. So I'm thinking that it's a lot more complex than houses and pets. This is very strange to me because I have been to bigger games with a lot more content and they load so fast. So I think there's something that is missing from Wizard101 which I think is important. After all, new pets, new gears, new world, new monsters will be added. So that means MORE patching? More stuff on top of another? I hope they streamline this a lot better that our computer can process the information. But I do agree about cleaning out pets and decorations. I'm a girl and I hate clutter. Just keep what you need and it's a lot easier finding what you need lol. I hate having to wade in a pile of things just to find one little thing.

  2. Owning multiple houses doesn’t increase lag. Your character doesn’t carry around the contents of their houses. It’s more like they carry around a key chain with keys to their houses. However, the items at a house do affect your frame rate when you visit a house. Frame rate is how smoothly a house draws as you walk around it. Frame rate is affected by the speed of your computer, the quality of your graphics card, and the complexity of the objects at a house. The maximum item limit is meant to help limit poor frame rate.

    Arthur Wethersfield

    The housing programmer