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More Countries, UK, Crowns, and House!

Hello again,

I would like to let you know that I am going to talk about United Kingdom Wizard101 that I will post once in a while for US and UK, maybe countries, who know?  Anyway, I would like to share this game and few things I noticed about.  I will explain each topics.  Okay?

(Please warn me if I type wrong words or anything. Honest, I don't like to offend. 
I am still learning about names and words.  
Thank you.)

Hey, I am not negative or anything like that about countries, but I just want to share, that's all.

~~~~~~~~ YAY! More Countries! ~~~~~~~~

On Wizard101, we do have countries to added are so far:  France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States of America.

Beta Test are Greece (Greek) and Turkey.

Wizard101 China, I am add few links as you can read what's up with China.
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Here are few websites that friends, twizards and bloggers share:

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****Please warn me if I forget other countries.  I will try add and edit it later.****

~~~~~~~Gameforge Wizard101~~~~~~~

I would like to talk about Gameforge Wizard101.  That company only for Europe Wizard101 Europe

Since I been announce little in twitter about UK that I working on my wizard Diana Wildheart.  As I said UK Diana Wildheart. ;-)  I will warn you all when I will type this is for all, or US or UK or whatever.  So watch for it when I will say which for everyone.

I noticed that they do have limit crown shop as you may not like in US that have too many crown items in shop that we may boring with it.  But my opinion that in US Wizard101 should limit that they can change in few weeks which help the game going smooth better instead throw everything in shop as too much items.   Maybe more exciting like change few items every few weeks that we never see before.  Who know?  Who want more surprises that Kingsisle put in crown shop or something?  Pssstttt.... please comment this.  =)

 I think but I don't want to jump "assume," the crown items in shop that they change in every few weeks.  Like for example, this time as right now, they focus on Ice school items as gears, wands, pets and etc.....  In few weeks ago, I still don't know how they announce or something about remove few things off of crowns shop like Sultan's Palace.  They did that for few weeks then removed it off.  But I think it may be back later, but we don't know yet.  Like I said I don't want to jump "assume."  They do have limit crown items in shop, unfortunate, they don't have packs like in US wizard101 has lot of packs like Dragon Hoard, Wyvern, Kirin, Nightmare, and Raven.  Fortunate, they do have individual items as you want to buy there or not.  For example: they has dragon wing mount in few weeks ago that I saw in shop.

In UK, they have like 2 realms, in US, they has like over 15 realms.

Oh, yes, in UK, they don't have Wysteria and Zafaria yet.  Like in US has everything there now, but give other countries between 4 to 12 months to have new worlds or update.  So give them a times to have updates in while.  For me, I like UK, few reasons are you can gift crowns from your account to your friends or whoever (but just be careful when you will give away your own money), less people in there, you can buy gold for Sultan's Palace or pets from crown shop (I bought Samoorai Pet with gold), and limit crowns items in shop.  Some may not like it because of limit items in crown shop or not release new worlds yet.  But for me, I really like over there UK. Sorry, no offend, USA!

~~~~~~Crowns, how to buy~~~~~~~

Well, I just want to talk about this topic about Crowns, how to buy or pay online in United Kingdom or countries.  It is hard to explain about that, but I want to warn to you all before you decide buy or pay online, make sure to call your bank account to let them know before you will go ahead to buy or pay.  I been struggle in few days, I realized that I has to call my bank.  They don't want to everyone, their credit cards as "thief" buy anything in counties.  They do very good securities over our credit cards.  So I am advice you to contact your bank before go ahead to pay online.  And by the way, the bank of mine warned me that I have to call them to remind them that I will pay again in future.  So I just want to let you know about this situation.

I noticed the crowns cost compare US and UK.  I prefer UK crowns more than US, no offend to USA.  But I am use wisely with money.  So here is it:

**United State Crowns to pay:**

37,500 crowns for $50 dollars if you use credit card, they will give you 2,500 bonus.

**United Kingdom Crowns to pay:**

62,500 crowns for $67 dollars (50.00 pounds for United Kingdom), same as they will give 2,500 bonus.

~~~~~~ House Level Requirement ~~~~~~~

This is very funny story but confuse for countries, I want to share this to everyone.

When I was level 10, I bought Sultan's Palace that not required for level 15 or up since it is gift card in USA, it is silly if you buy gift card and the house required level 15+ that you are level 5 or lower.   But anyway, back to my story, level 10 life wiz has Sultan's Palace, I accident port to palace instead of dorm.  So Mason ported to me at my palace, he said, "you got it? I thought it was level 15 required."  I has to explained to him that in game you notice that most houses are required level 15 and up.  

Still confuse?  Okay, let me get few pictures for you to understand why I has to explain for everyone so don't be confuse.  Okay?  Forget the names that I show you the images of this:

Notice anything different?  See the red as "LEVEL 15+ ONLY."  That for most houses in game as you will see why we have to wait until level 15+ only.  But for Sultan's Palace, Sun Palace, and Massive  Fantasy Palace has NO "level 15+ only."  For your information, I am tell you do not confuse about houses and palaces.  OKay?  You can watch for palaces coming to your world and watch for it in game.  Good luck!


Now I hope this will help you to understand the Countries, Gameforge, Crowns, and House Level.

Oh by the way, I may have the contest for UK only that may need crowns.  So watch for it in future!  ;-) 

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

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