Sunday, February 12, 2012

Very Special Today! (02-12-2012)

Hello again,

I would like to say Happy birthday to Fallon, Happy Wizaversary to Cassandra Dragonheart (2nd years) and Christina (Icy) IceDreamer (3rd years).

I just remembered in one year ago, we came to Cassandra's house for fun and pvp party to celebrate Fallon's birthday, Cass and Icy's wizaversary.  Funny, I was so confused to say birthday instead wizaversary to those Ladies.  I have not friends any of them until after friend lists added more rooms.  I was so happy to have friends with them.  But that night Icy wished to add me, I was like Okay, I like her as well.

So we added each other and we slowly talked and do quests little by little.  Found out that her birthday is on September 2nd and my birthday is on September 9th.  We has birthday parties two friday night, it was fun.  =)

We has our wizards each other but not all of them.  We have other wizards same name as our Main wizards, we will be ready to add you when we will.  OKay?  We are somewhere in Marleybones.  But we are not ready to add friends yet.

Anyway, I wish to say Happy 1st year of Friendship to Icy today as we remembered.  I keep friendship between her and me.  It was wonderful year.  =)  Since I said Happy birthday to Icy that year as today.  It was funny for me to mess my mind up as I thought going to say Happy Wizaversary! instead of Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to you! Fallon!

Happy 2nd Wizaversary 
Cassandra DragonHeart!

Happy 3rd Wizaversary 
Christina "Icy" IceDreamer

I am glad to have friends like them.  They are wonderful ladies, and they are Ravenwood Radio crews.  I never forget those ladies who helped me lot.  =)  Thank you, Ladies!

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

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  1. Thank you Diana. This post made me smile. I had seen you on Twitter but never been at event with you before that night. I remember you & Fallon MoonGem and I posing for pictures in our princess outfits. :) I am really enjoying the time we spend together raising our "juniors" as I like to call them. We will have another 120 spots on our friends list for all the people we meet. Thank you again. :)