Sunday, December 4, 2011

Meet New Players for contest!

Hello again,

I would like to welcome our contestants:

Brooke Summerflame
Chase EarthBlade
Digby Mythweaver
Jacob Legendheart
Morgrim Trollfriend
Noah Shadowrider
Sean Fire
Sierra (Sorceressmiklai)
Tasha Sparkleheart
Wolf Blood

Thank you for them to be involve this contest.  Wish them good luck!

This is for Seeds contests that I will send the messages/puzzles/clues and stuff to them only.  When they complete the level up.  I will put it up in this blog of mine after they complete.  

The Messages for Contestants:

1. Please be in Twitter most of times that I will say in hashtag as #W101SEEDS, I will email to you new puzzles.  Please watch for it.  

2. If you done with puzzles, email back to me with all answers. And say #W101SEEDS back to me, that will help me to check your email.  I sometimes forget to check.  So please make sure and say it in twitter.  

3. You can have help, only this group.  =)

I will send one contest puzzle later this evening, I hope you can complete that puzzle before next day.  But don't have to.  I wish the contestants good luck!

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

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