Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Son's Problem

Hello again,

I know that not relate to Wizard101, but my son loved to play Wizard101.  Anyway, today we went to the specialist from other eye center referred us to go there.  We been there for few hours to have tests to check my son's eye today.  And guess what?  He got Coat's Disease or Retinal Telangiectasis, that what doctor said.

Here are few links:

Coat's Disease - Wikipedia

It is very rare disease.  I am glad I have this communicty who supported and prayed for my son.  I am grateful for this people I care about.  My son will have more tests next week to check before they decide to have surgery or not.  So we pray for our son to have better eye but can't promise and can't keep high hope for it.  We are being test from our life that we learn about problems we have to face, rather than run away that you can't solve it.  So we want to make sure our family health and safe.  We want to enjoy our christmas this weekend, we hope you have fun and enjoy the times with families and friends.  Please worry about your times with them, not my son, haha.  We are worried about our son, but don't worry about it, please I ask you to enjoy Holiday.  =)  Of course you can pray for us.  I don't mind for supports we have.  Thank you.

My daughter is fine, she been checked up and she is fine and happy.  I love both kids dearly.  And my husband, too.

I wish you Happy Holiday!  =)

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!


  1. Diana, dear, reading this post made me so upset. Of course, it's unfortunate that this occured to your son, but rememeber that makes your son original. It's rare and it makes him original.

    If doctors can't do anything then remember it makes him original and it doesn't matter. May god bless your son and hopefully his eye will be fine and nothing will be wrong. My heart goes out to you and your son.

    Best Wishes
    --Mason Swiftblade

  2. Oh my goodness! I know the tension of rare diseases, and you are being very strong-hearted about this.