Friday, December 2, 2011

Free Seeds Give Away Contests!

Hello again,

This week from December 1st to 8th, seeds are on sale!  And everyone in wizard101 need seeds for pet training or reagents or something else I don't know about yet.  I thought about to give the seeds away to winners.  Here they are:

Grand Prizes: 
10,000 worth of items you choose!

1st Place Prize:
5,000 worth of items you choose!

2nd Place Prize:
2,500 worth of items you choose!

3rd Place Prize:
1,250 worth of items you choose!

The seeds and pack I selected for everyone who will be winners, be careful to think about to choose:

Couch Potatoes (1200 Crowns)
Deadly Helephant Ears (600 Crowns)
Evil Magma Peas (1125 Crowns)
Happy Holidaisy  (450 Crowns)
Ivy League (1175 Crowns)
Moolinda's Green Thumb Pack (500 Crowns)
Orange Bell Pepper (150 Crowns)

All right, here are the rules:

1-Do not ask or beg for crowns, or gifts.

2-No foul languages

3-Add me in twitter that I will post the clues/announcements for some contests.  ;)

4-Do not spam my email address.
5-Very important, HAVE FUN!  ;)

But first of all, I need your name of wizard if you like to enter.  I will have few contests while you can complete the contest, I will email to you next contest.  And so go on....  If you fail to complete, well, good luck!  

I need your wizard name and email address (I can keep contact you for contests stuff) before Saturday 12/3/2011 11pm MST (1am EST/12 am CST/10pm PST).  Everyone are welcome to join this seeds give away contests.  The subject for contest "Seeds Contest Enter" and the email you should to contact me at

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

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  1. Great contest!
    Sierra Mist :P