Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July 2011!

Hello again,

I want to say,

Today at parade for my family which is very first time for my kids (I think), it make me thinking about in past late 1600's about people who came to here in this country.  I am grateful for them to sacificed their times and things in their ancient homes to come here even they were so suffering and so desire to find the way to get there in our country.  If not for them, we all are not here and never meet in games or some reasons.   I am proud of United States of America as who I am.  I am salute to U.S.A. to honor this very day.  And thanks for my ancestry to come here for freedom. 

Today my sister-in-law going to have baby which should be on Sunday July 10th, but the baby boy itself decided, "this is very day I want to be birth."  4th of July baby.  =)  I am so happy to see both are fine.

Now, the contest of Patriotic Leprechaun:

1) What that symbol I always end with my name mean to you?                                    \|m/

2) Kzgirlorx Ovkivxszfm

3) Tizmwnzhgvi Zigrhzm

The answers are:  Dddddrrrrrruuuuuummmmmmm rrrrrroooooollllllll!!!!!!!!!!

 1) I love you!  That is my deaf culture for handshape for this computer symbol.

2) Patriotic Leprechaun

3) Grandmaster Artisan

I got 12 entries.  I decided to give away the prizes to all entries. My 4th of July gifts to winners! =)

The winners are:


Patriotic Leprechaun Winners:

1) Heather Hexheart
2) Destiny Mistshard
3) Esme LifeWiz
4) Heather Raven

Couch Potatoes (2)

1) Sierra Starsong
2) Arlen Dawneyes
3) Morgrim Trollfriend
4) DragonBrightWiz

Dragon's Hoard Pack (2)

1) Richard Deathshield
2) Alexander Lionheart
3) Heroic Pyromancer
4) Richard Nightrider

Congratulations to all winners!  Yay!  (My hands wave in air which is deaf culture as applause.)

I will contact to those winners!  Congratulations again!  =)

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

\|m/ Diana Wildheart


  1. :) All of that time wondering at \|m/ meant. Something so simple, yet so clever. Happy 4th of July to you and your family. AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT (lol Santa Claus) And my 2nd cousin (son of my cousin) Daxton was born this morning too :) Now there are 2 4th of July babies.

  2. That was very nice Diana :) Congratulations winners, have a great fourth of July all!

  3. Thanks, Diana, for holding the contest! Happy Fourth of July!-Thunderblade