Monday, July 11, 2011

RR #44 Segments

Hello again,

Do you remember from "RR #43 Segments"? I would like to welcome Christina IceDreamer, her segment for Ravenwood Radio #44 (July 6, 2011).


Tip of the Iceberg for Ravenwood Radio
Top Player Tips for Terri AngelFist A new Wizard101 player & Christina IceDreamer’s sister IRL!

Jessica FairyHeart: Your mana is very important. Make sure you run around collecting blue wisps after every few battles or play minigames

John LifeGlen: Heal early, heal often. Don't wait for your health to hit critical, because a thunder snake gone sour can kill you!

Sierra StarSong:  Wandering monsters very rarely look back; wait until right after one passes you to cross the street. Practice dodging them.

Diana WildHeart: In the beginning it’s best to save the gold you win instead of buying gear. You win gear, wands and other stuff from quests and monsters also drop gear at the end of battles.

Sierra StarSong: If you win better gear in a fight go ahead and use it. Don't bother dyeing, you'll "outgrow" it quickly. If it's not better sell it.

Arlen DawnEyes: Kill the minion in boss battles first. Indulge in other W101 hobbies besides questing :)

From Icy: Do the Eudora TangleTree crafting quest as early as you can. By crafting you can make yourself treasure cards and gear that might be better than what can be bought or won through drops. Also, visit Melina Woo and start gardening as soon as you get to level 12. It will give you treasure cards and reagent for free, and it’s really fun to find out which plants to with which furniture items and therefore grow faster.

Fallon DeathSlinger: Don’t be discouraged by the all the fizzles that go with Storm School!
Well, I guess Fallon DeathSlinger should know...we did after all make up an entire new word for fizzling because of Fallon. FALLONITIS!

My fellow ice wizard, John, suggested that I work through Wizard City with my sister, and then interview her for the show to get her thoughts. I’d like to do that, but it might take some arm-twisting because my sister isn’t as outgoing as I am. If possible, I would also like to have StormyWiz interview his aunt about being a fellow Diviner. Let’s hope that Terri AngelFist continues to have time to play!

That’s all for now! Until next time, be good! And I will see YOU in The Spiral!

I would like to share this tips for all new players and also old players if they can be remember again.  Thanks for Twitter wizards who give the tips to Christina IceDreamer.  And also wanted to say thanks for Christina IceDreamer let me share this for Hearing Impaired (Deafies). 

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals.

\|m/ Diana Wildheart

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  1. They gave very nice advice for storm Wizards, the main priority was healing, storm isn't in good shape if you don't heal right away. I can't mention how many times I had not much mana left and I lost the battle because of not having anymore mana left lol.