Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crown Recycling Ideas?

Hello again,

In twitter, I asked Headmaster Ambrose about how does the pet feed work?  He explained to me how they do work.  Any junks that you don't want to have your backpack full, feed to pet.  It will give the reward(s).

So I asked him about the ideas of crowns that, why not use crowns items that can give crowns back, for example, a robe that is crowns worth 2500 each.  But in return like 750 or something like that.

It hit me, why not crown bazaar????  What about Salon shop?????  Okay, I can explain each ideas.

Crown Bazaar:

Same ideas in normal bazaar, but as you can sell crowns stuff to Crown Bazaar, that crowns only.  Not other items that sell gold, just crowns only.  What if you want to buy something from bazaar  like bone dragon mount or red leaf tree or something like that?  But understand that you sell it as low cost than normal cost.  In return, you will have some crowns back.  Does it make senses? Similar ideas as normal Bazaar.

Salon Shop:

Well, everyone really want to have hair, face, skin or name change.  Why not to have salon shop, but cost Crowns only????   I think of that cost like between 250 to 500 crowns each change.   I have few wizards i feel like i want to change names, skins, face and hairs.  I noticed some games, I can't remember but some games do have salon that you want to change face, hair or/and skin.

If you want to share the comments about this ideas, please do!  Thank you.  =)

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!


  1. I'm in. Getting crowns back from pet feeding sounds good. I also like the name change idea, because an old balance of mine kept introducing herself wrong...

  2. Wow, this is quite interesting and something i wanted for a long time

  3. I'd like to be the first to say, this sounds like a great idea.

  4. Not a bad idea. I've kinda thought about that though. Would be nice to see them in-game.


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  5. Cool! That would be good for all those left over clothes I got from the Dragons Hoard Pack but don't use. :D