Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday Contest Ideas

Hello again,

I am thinking about to have the "Holiday Contests" for players of Wizard101, who don't have money, can't afford crowns or membership.  I am thinking of the prizes for those who can't afford.  It will be nice if everyone can support and help donate the money for this Holiday Contests.  I have not decide about the contests yet.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please do.  I am so happy to read your ideas or suggestions.

I still thinking about Super bundle gift card, but that for players who have not access wizard101 for while because of no money or parents won't give the money to players.  I thought of give the gifts to whoever are winners, that will be nice as show we do care and love.  Holiday is coming soon.  Please do comments as you can.  If you want to help out, that will be awesome.......

Remember, the holiday mean give the gifts away, we don't take it back.  That show we are care.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!


  1. i love this idea. i would be willing to get a ten or twenty dollar card for this (depending on my funds) if you could find someone truly deserving. but how to do that? i would not make it the usual contest, because then you get the beggers, who happen to be able to write i nice sob story. i would just announce it as maybe, a goodsportsmanship or mvp (most valuable player) award. and just observe, with maybe a few honest and trusted judges, over a period of a few weeks, or a month. just observe, and then surprise someone you, and whomever you have helping, chose as truly honest, caring, and in need.

  2. Also, maybe gifting clothing bundles/ items would be interesting. I remember when my friend gave me a mount for my birthday, I felt like one would on the Holidays. Those that truly need a little more joy this holiday season would feel great looking 'cool'. I love this idea!
    P.S. I would donate money or gift cards if I was allowed to :P